#WordFool – Last Chance Summary

10 Mar

Welcome to all the Word Fool Challengers! I’m excited to see how much everyone gets done! Here’s a last minute round-up.  So, check out everything going on below 🙂


Everyone picked a daily goal. This is a daily goal. Meaning, you have to hit the goal that day. No carry over points (yup, I’m a task master, but I’m also a little nervous. I love carry over points!) The goal minimums are:

  • 1 page written per day,
  • 100 words written per day, or
  • 2 pages revised per day


If racing a clock or sharing your writing time helps, check this out! Our very own chat challenge room on the #WordFool page (points up to the page bar)

 Challenge room rules:

  • The room is for writing time. Please be respectful of other’s often limited time and keep chatter to twitter and chat room DMs (click on the person’s name in the list for a private window to open)
  • No writing samples over PG13. Please don’t say, “Is it okay?” because that puts people on the spot. Feel free to share anything else
  • Let’s have a sprint format to simplify things. When sprints are going on, they run 20 mins and they’re started and stopped by the Timer. The Timer notes the start with a countdown, a *whip* and marking the end time. Time ends again when you hear the *whip*


We’re going to have a bunch of teams! I’m really excited. I expected to have three friends to be forced into doing this with me (everyone ignore Kristen’s slightly-more-than-implied statement about being forced).

Check back later tonight on the #WordFool Page (points up again) to find out who is on your team.

Once you have your team, you’re going to need a captain and a team name.

The captain will:

  • Send me the list of people who hit their goals at least SIX days that week
  • Track those people each week and give them one point a week to report at the very end


We had a whole bunch of great prizes thrown in the ring. Each round we’ll have 2 prizes given away:

  • 1 drawing is from everyone who hit her goal 6 days that week
  • 1 drawing is from the number 1 team that week

At the end, there will be an additional prize drawing from everyone who stuck with it!


But, I bet you’re wondering what the prizes are? Well, the winner will get to pick from the below list, first come/first serve:

I hope you’re all getting ready to go! If you haven’t signed up yet, you can until tonight at 5pm HERE. The more the merrier!

2 Responses to “#WordFool – Last Chance Summary”

  1. Emily Carrington March 10, 2012 at 4:21 pm #

    Dear Bria– I would love to enter with a 1,000 word count goal. (My book’s due very soon)

    –Emily Carrington

  2. briaq March 10, 2012 at 5:00 pm #

    Got it Emily, you’re in!

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