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#WordFool – Last Challange Weekend

28 Mar

I hope everyone’s #wordfool writing challenge goals are going well. We’re 2/3rds of the way to our April Fools Day deadline!

This weekend, we still have the Up the Ante challenge, but instead of doubling your pages on ONE day, this weekend’s challenge is to double it on BOTH SATURDAY AND SUNDAY. Yes, I know the goals end on Saturday, but if you push thru, add one more day, and double up both BAM 3 more points.

If you manage this, you get 3 more points for you and your team.

So, this week, you have the opportunity to earn 4 points:

1 for hitting your goal
1 for making the weekend Up the Ante challenge
3 for doubling your pages one day

Not a bad opportunity!

Don’t forget, there are still tons of prizes. They’re listed on the #WordFool page.

Here’s to our last week of the Race to April Fools!

#WordFool – Upping the Ante

14 Mar

So, you dove in and you’re writing to hit goal every day. Things are going pretty well… But that Bria, she’s evil, right?

I warned you all yesterday something was coming and you weren’t going to like it *evil laughter*

I’ve been talking to several people about the Used’taBeen of writing. When we first started and people were constantly in different chatrooms throwing down in challenges. I began to wonder why that wasn’t as much the case any more.

So I’ve asked people how writing in an online community has changed over the years. I had some thoughts of my own and what I heard reinforced those ideas.

Before twitter and all the other social media we use constantly, chatrooms were one of the few places to meet-up with other writers. And when you went in them, it was typically to write (and if it wasn’t, someone would say, hey. Aren’t we going to write?)

And so, here’s the challenge. You don’t have to take it up, but I’m daring you 🙂

There are three weekends in WordFool. From Friday at 7pm thru Monday 1am, anyone who stays off extraneous gets one more point.

Yup. One more point for you (and your team) for prizes.

What is “extraneous” you ask? Well, let me give you an idea:

  • Twitter. Oh, my beloved twitter. You are extraneous.
  • Facebook. We don’t hangout that much, but you won’t be seeing me on you for the next few weekends
  • Forums. Yes, even “lurking”
  • Chats. I know this sounds backwards, but I’m talking about those “chatty, we don’t do anything but be social” chats. Not working chats.
  • IMing, DMing, OtherMing I don’t know about…anything that drags your attention away
  • Pinterest *sobs*

You get the idea, but we can discuss things further.

This is obviously an honor system thing. But all of #wordfool is.

And, don’t worry – there’s more torture to come 🙂


I’m posting a chat challenge schedule on the #wordfool page. Please comment on that page if you’d like to:

  • Volunteer to whip during a time listed
  • Want to set up a different time.

Keep in mind: You can use the chat room ANY TIME YOU WANT. But we’re just putting some times out there that people will be guarenteed to find others to write with.


We’re going to go old-school on this:

  • Some one sounds the *whip* to start.
  • The *whip* sound happens again after 20 mins to signal the end
  • There will be 3-5 min break to share snippets or run to the bathroom 🙂
  • No one HAS to share a snippet – it’s completely voluntary.
  • All snippets shared must stay PG13. This is non-negotiable.
  • Everyone will crit politely. CRIT. If you post something, be prepared to get some gentle comments.
  • If people’s comments are not gentle, they will get an email from me… please be kind

#WordFool – And So It Begins

12 Mar

Starting something – anything – is scary and exciting and invigorating and paralyzing. beginnings can mesh into every emotion and confuse the heck out of us.

For me, personally – I find them exciting and energizing. A new goal — a shiny, happy, nothing’s gone wrong yet goal – is like an adventure that I haven’t opened the map on yet…anything could happen.

So, as we kickoff WordFool, tell me: How do you feel? What’s a beginning to you? One day in, how are you looking at your goal?

Any way you look at it, we’re all one day closer to meeting it!

#WordFool – Last Chance Summary

10 Mar

Welcome to all the Word Fool Challengers! I’m excited to see how much everyone gets done! Here’s a last minute round-up.  So, check out everything going on below 🙂


Everyone picked a daily goal. This is a daily goal. Meaning, you have to hit the goal that day. No carry over points (yup, I’m a task master, but I’m also a little nervous. I love carry over points!) The goal minimums are:

  • 1 page written per day,
  • 100 words written per day, or
  • 2 pages revised per day


If racing a clock or sharing your writing time helps, check this out! Our very own chat challenge room on the #WordFool page (points up to the page bar)

 Challenge room rules:

  • The room is for writing time. Please be respectful of other’s often limited time and keep chatter to twitter and chat room DMs (click on the person’s name in the list for a private window to open)
  • No writing samples over PG13. Please don’t say, “Is it okay?” because that puts people on the spot. Feel free to share anything else
  • Let’s have a sprint format to simplify things. When sprints are going on, they run 20 mins and they’re started and stopped by the Timer. The Timer notes the start with a countdown, a *whip* and marking the end time. Time ends again when you hear the *whip*


We’re going to have a bunch of teams! I’m really excited. I expected to have three friends to be forced into doing this with me (everyone ignore Kristen’s slightly-more-than-implied statement about being forced).

Check back later tonight on the #WordFool Page (points up again) to find out who is on your team.

Once you have your team, you’re going to need a captain and a team name.

The captain will:

  • Send me the list of people who hit their goals at least SIX days that week
  • Track those people each week and give them one point a week to report at the very end


We had a whole bunch of great prizes thrown in the ring. Each round we’ll have 2 prizes given away:

  • 1 drawing is from everyone who hit her goal 6 days that week
  • 1 drawing is from the number 1 team that week

At the end, there will be an additional prize drawing from everyone who stuck with it!


But, I bet you’re wondering what the prizes are? Well, the winner will get to pick from the below list, first come/first serve:

I hope you’re all getting ready to go! If you haven’t signed up yet, you can until tonight at 5pm HERE. The more the merrier!

#WordFool – Getting Ready

9 Mar

So, you signed up to be on a #WordFool Team (or if you didn’t, you’re rushing right over to HERE to do it when you’re done reading this post) and you need to get prepared!

Here’s some things to do this weekend.

FIRST: Tell your writing friends! Yes, tell them now. Every time I do a challenge — every time — day 1 and 2 are filled with requests to join a team late because they’re just seeing the challenge kick in.

To keep things simple, there will be not late joins this time around. So, make sure your writing friends know in case they want to race you to April Fools Day.

SECOND: Know what you’re going to work on. I know, that seems obvious, but do the page counts. If you’re doing 5 pages a day and only have 20 pages left in this ms, you’re going to be done in week one. Will you write something else? Do a read thru on a different story? What?

THIRD: Laundry! Okay, Laundry is a catch-all for all those errands you can get out of the way this weekend. Make a game of it – how much can you get done. Every time you check something off the list, pat yourself on the back. That’s one less thing that will take away from your writing time.

FOURTH: Let the people in your life know: Hey, I’m joining this crazy writing challenge this month and I may not answer the phone when you call to chat. I’ll call you back when I can give you all my attention 🙂

FIVE: Make yourself some time of countdown or add up deal. The best part of a writing challenge is it has an end date and a page/word count goal. You’re working TOWARD something. It isn’t a random, hazy thing. A jar of pebbles, a calendar to cross off, something that lets you watch yourself get closer to the goal.

SIX: Get ready to win! Any time you get words on the page, you’re winning. While we’ll have prizes along the way, it never hurts to reward yourself. A mani/pedi? A babysitter and a movie? Date night? Something you’d love to have. What would it take to “earn” those? Set your goal now and get ready to go!

EDITED TO ADD: It was suggest by someone that I point out you can subscribe to the blog at the very bottom of the page so you don’t miss anything during #WordFool. Don’t feel bad if you unsubscribe when it’s over.

So, if you haven’t done it already, go HERE and sign  up in the comments section. Deadline is 5pm Saturday so I can put the teams together.

Good luck WordFools!

Word Fool – You Know You Wanna

8 Mar

What is it:

Word Fool is a writer’s race to April Fools Day. We’re going to get that writing pulse kicked up again and start churning out the words!

It kicks off Sunday March 11th and pumps through Saturday March 31st.

How to play along:

Make a goal, follow along on Twitter at #wordfool, report in here daily, everyone wins.

The details:

  • Each writer must pick a page or word goal for the three-week run
  • Page goal minimum: 1 page/day
  • Word goal minimum: 100 words/day
  • Revising page goal minimum: 2 pages/day
  • To be eligible for the weekly prize drawing, you must meet your goal 6 days out of 7 that week


YES! We might do teams. If we get 8 or more people, we’ll be breaking it out and throwing down team-style.


EDITED: We’ve gotten some great prize donations! We’ll be able to do weekly and overall prizes. If you’d like to offer something up as a prize, please let me know!!! 

Right now we have:

    • Edit Cards from Bria
    • A Kindle copy of It’s in His Kiss
    • 1 print book in genre of choice from Sabrina Shields
    • 1 audio book in genre of choice from Sabrina Shields
    • A 2nd audio book in genre of choice from Sabrina Shields


  • Want to join? Comment here with your goal!
  • If you have a twitter address, share it in your comment
  • For info, I’m at @briaquinlan
  • Deadline to join: Saturday the 10th by 5pm EST