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Twitter, Agents & Expectations

1 Jun

Look, ma! Two posts today!

If you follow me on twitter (@BriaQuinlan) you know sometimes I’ll sneak on there with conversations started in other places.

Last night during my weekly buddy check-in we got to talking a little about searching for agents and the whole agency-V-agent thing.

My agency (and my agent) are awesome. Completely, totally awesome. You should know that up front.

But, you should also know that we’re a growing agency. That Lauren is actively growing her list. She’s picky. It grows slowly. We’re small (but big in heart and personality and talent – I’m a lucky girl to be in there!) We’re on twitter. We tease. We bicker (ok, that’s really just teasing too.) We write fake books (wait, that’s teasing too)… anyway. We’re that agency on twitter.

We’re the Team Agency. I even jokingly started calling Lauren ‘The Laird’ and ‘The Macleod’ — I refer to the agency as The Clan Macleod…

Now, I know what this is like from the other side. I’ve been in an agency where I don’t have that connection with the group (or my agent) on a public social media.

Was it bad? No.

Is this more fun? Yes.

But, is it more than just more fun? I don’t know.

I don’t know because I know that it’s part of an entire package.

I know that Lauren always has my back. That I won’t sit wondering about anything. That if she has an idea, she’ll shoot it at me. That if I email her crazy talk in the middle of the night she’ll (the next morning when sane people wake up) decode it and write me back. I know that we’re on the same page with my writing and career. I know that when I ask her questions she’ll answer them honestly. I know that she’s the business brain of this partnership, but that I’m not only allowed to have input, but it’s expected. I know she gets my books and my writing and me. That she knows the market. That she works hard and expects us to as well.

That twitter stuff, it is fun. It fits all of our personalities. Just ask poor @LizzieFriend who we sucked in before she’d even gotten a chance to formally announce her membership… I mean signing.

BUT, here’s where my questions were leading: Do people judge an agency by this? Do they judge an agent by this? Is twitter (and other social media) setting a bad expectation for unagented writers looking for an agent?

Jennifer Laughran picked this up last night and blogged about it today over on JENNIFER REPRESENTS… Check it out. She says a lot of very interesting things.

My worry is that when you see something, you don’t know what you aren’t seeing.

There are amazing agents and agencies who aren’t twitter happy. But you can’t see that because they aren’t on twitter (or whatever social media is the hot thing for you) — if you’re doing all your research, you’ll find these agents. But often we see something over and over again (a team agency on twitter every single day) and think, OH, That’s the right/good/successful/happy way.

No. An agent is all those things I just told you Lauren is… and they have nothing to do with Twitter (shhhhh don’t tell anyone I just said that) – Here’s the thing. If you’re looking for a community find it through Twitter or RWA orLeftCoast or Critters or your local writing group. Do NOT look for it in your agency.

That is not what your agency is for.

That is like trying to pick a job based on where you think you’ll find the most dates. Um, yeah. I met that girl once. Watched the implosion. It was amusing from a safe distance, but still pretty horrible to watch.

Find an agency that is going to represent you. Find a writing group for community. Sometimes they overlap and that’s great, but always — ALWAYS — consider anything beyond a great agent representation partnership a bonus (or maybe, for extreme introverts/super-busy people/social media hatters, a negative to put up with)

So, thoughts? Do you disagree? Do agencies need to start becoming communities too? Let me know.

Friday Round Up & Priorities

28 Aug

On the trip, when I’m hanging with a friend, they seem to very often say, “Oh, and Bria has a great blog where she summarizes all the things you should have read this week in publishing. You should check it out.”


I then explain I’m taking a break from doing that on the trip because I’m in different time zones or can’t always get the internet or don’t have time to really do the research because I’m visiting/hiking/camping/sight seeing/researching/writing/etc. Suffice it to say, people are still telling people that.


I’m still on the trip, but I’ve been thinking maybe I should start doing the Friday thing again. Only, I realized something interesting: I don’t want to.


It began to feel silly. As my online world grew, information began to fly past amazingly quickly. I blame twitter. Seriously, someone sneezes in New York and we know all around the world immediately. By Friday if you haven’t heard, then it’s too late. Sure there are blogs you should still be reading and online mags you should subscribe to, but it comes down to this: When we thought information could move faster, it did. As more and more editors and agents got on twitter this summer, having a weekly round up got to be redundant.


And so, here is my advice:

  1. Pick a few blogs you feel like you should be following and book mark them: Pick a day each week you catch up on those blogs. I did a blog post linking agent’s who blog, I’m sure it’s no longer complete, but it’s a good start
  2. Get on Twitter: I was pushed onto it and thought I’d tweet occasionally and maybe remember to look at it once a week. Yeah, I’m on all day. I have a thing that pops up through TweetDeck and tells me someone tweeted that I follow. While I only check my general ones occassionaly, I have searchs for key words and groups that pop up to let me know if somethings going on I might want to know about with agents and editors across the country. Feel free to go to my twitter and steal my follow list: http://twitter.com/briaquinlan
  3. Subscribe to genre mags: Every writer should be getting at least the free industry mags. A good place to start is Publishers Weekly
  4. Make the tough decisions: I’m reorganizing my online reading habits as we speak. Not all agents blog about the industry. Several blogs are reactionary (they’re just reacting to what other agents and industry people are saying otherwise don’t focus on their blog), some are people I know I don’t want to work with, some people have such a big following that when they say something that may interest me it’s all over twitter 27 seconds later.

The entire point of sitting down to my computer — for me — is to get the writing done. And so, while I’ll always blog about things I think are relevant to writing — and especially to my writing — I”m going to have to say, “Time, I reclaim thee!”

Dire Need to Move Up in the World

24 Feb

I was asked how to find me on Twitter and here it is: http://twitter.com/briaquinlan

Why get me on Twitter? I don’t babble – honest (well, maybe a little, but I won’t tell you what I had for breakfast) I WILL keep you updated on things like the next Luv YA Book Club book (Dust of 100 Dogs) and when it is (March 16th) and my progress on querying (Sabatical) and if I’ve read anything cool lately (um, nope. not this week yet) and when I’ve posted (today!) and how I’m doing in the line by line contest (which I may get booted from and you’ll never see again)…that’s about it — unless something abusrdly amusing happens….and weird things never happen to me 😕



Also, I have 4 fans.


Not writing fans (I have tons of those, they just don’t know it yet *snort). Technorati Fans. Make me easier to search and spread the fandom my way. Yes, I’m shamelessly begging. I’m dying to know what happens as my fans mulitply over in the Tecnorati world!


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Fine – You All Win

7 Nov

I suppose if I Twittered this would be the tweetythingamabob or whatever, but fine. You all win.


Bria shall twitter.


Why you ask: http://search.twitter.com/search?q=bria


Oh, an I especially love this one: http://twitter.com/gwenhayes/statuses/986805995


My first online review.


6 Nov

OK, I got offline for two hours to take a NaNo break and run some errands and what do I return to?


A GET BRIA ON TWITTER Campaign.  Why? I have no idea. I can’t be the only person not on Twitter and I highly doubt I’m interesting enough or funny enough to warrant it.


So to Twitter or Not To Twitter – that is the literarilly ripped off question.

 Oh, and I need a reason WHY or WHY NOT I should be Twittering beyond “TubTwitter Rocks”