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Luv YA Book Club: HELL WEEK by Rosemary Clement-Moore

21 Apr

As always….

WARNING: This is NOT a review – it’s a Blog Book Club. That means, we’re going to discuss the book – the whole book – yes – even the end – so guess what. There’s going to be spoilers.


NO! Seriously. If you read past here, it’s your own darn fault.

OK. Welcome to Luv YA’s Book Club Book Blog – with Rosemary Clement-Moore discussing her second book, Rita Nominated HELL WEEK!


BUT FIRST….. Two things.

1) Please remember that the book club is for Hell Week, the SECOND Maggie Quinn book. I’m asking nicely, but I will delete posts that give spoilers to book three. It’s pretty new and too good to ruin for someone who hasn’t gotten a chance to pick it up yet. Also, Rosemary may have to quick step some questions to avoid giving spoilers for book three. Please be kind as she does this.

2) At someone’s request I’m starting an email list strictly for book club if you’re on the list:

  • Email a month in advance announcing the next book
  • Email a 2 weeks in advance as a reminder
  • Email several days before confirming Book Club is good to go
  • That’s it unless I’m looking for Book Club suggestions which probably won’t happen often
  • If you’re interested, email me at briaquinlan@aol.com


And here we go!


I really cannot tell you how darn excited I am to have Rosemary Clement-Moore here to discuss her book Hell Week (if you haven’t guessed all of that already, now you know) – For you newbies, feel free to read the Book Club post and dive in with a question or two. Rosemary will be with us and answering them live tonight 🙂


Maggie Quinn, Girl Reporter and Butt-Kicker of Evil, should be enjoying all the perks of starting college, like finagling her way onto the staff of the school paper, but –as with most things in Maggie’s life — Yeah. Not so much.

It’s bad enough wondering what’s going on with her MIA almost-boyfriend Justin who spent the summer in Ireland, but after one night, it’s pretty clear that going undercover at Sorority Rush may just sharpen her snark skills to deadly.

When Maggie opens herself up to continuing in the Greek system as a pledge to write exposes for the newspaper, strange things start to happen. Not that that’s anything new. But her normal Sight dreams are getting weird and now she’s having these vision flashes when she touches things. That’s a way to learn way more than you wanted to know. Like about Deidre, the girl who just happened to be looking pretty intense with Justin in Ireland. Yeah, she definitely could have skipped knowing that. But when she comes out and asks him about it, Justin gives it to her straight: He likes her but needs to focus on school.


And so Maggie throws herself into the undercover work, getting sucked into Sorority life. Which means Pledging, Parties and  Some Word That Starts With “P” that means “hot guys who kiss you behind the bar.” Oh yeah, and let’s not forget the most important P: Paranormal.

Maggie discovers there’s more going on in the SAXi house than anyone suspects, and a very clear reason the pledges can’t have sex…does the word succubus mean anything to you?

Well, that put a damper on her reclaiming Justin plans. But, if a girl ever needed inspiration to not become a succubus (um, yeah) he’s definitely the one. So Maggie does what any girl bent on saving the world would do: She breaks into the heart of darkness, finds their secrets and begins the butt-kicking plan-building.

And then the threats begin, because did we mention that her mom has a “P” word of her own? She’s preggers and no one, no matter how powerful the demon she’s summoned, is going to screw with the people Maggie loves.


MUST READ. Seriously – I have not done the skim-the-set-up justice 🙂 

And now onto the pre-chat Q&A with Rosemary Clement-Moore


Let’s start with the dreaded, “So, Rosemary, tell us a bit about yourself.” were you a snarker like Maggie? Was writing always your thing? Have you vanquished anything lately?

I’ve always been a storyteller, with a wild imagination. Plus I have very eclectic interests, which made it hard to decide what I wanted to be when I grew up. So I became a writer, so I wouldn’t have to pick just one thing to study.

Was I snarky? Only in my head. Outwardly, I was very polite and well mannered. I did theatre and I was surrounded by boisterous, funny people, and I had this quiet, dry sense of humor that I kept to myself. It wasn’t really until college that I came out of my shell. It’s just gotten worse since then.

The only thing I’ve vanquished recently is the dust bunnies from under the couch.


Where exactly IS Avalon? Is Bedivere University named for something?

Some people assume it’s in Texas, since I’m from Texas. And it could be. 🙂 But once you say “Texas” people assume rednecks and cowboy boots and big hair. I wanted to avoid those stereotypes. I wanted Avalon to have that “everywhere” feel, like Middleton in Kim Possible cartoons.

And of course the name is part of that, because Avalon, in mythology, is not part of our world. Bedivere University named from that mythology, by the way. I’ll let the intrepid Googlers figure out the connection. 🙂


I love Maggie. Even when she accepts things, she fights them kicking and screaming. One of your reviewers said she was kind of a “Veronica Mars fights demons.” How do you see her?

 Maggie comes from the tradition of Nancy Drew — that plucky young heroine whose curiosity and do-gooder-ness is always leading her into danger, but her smarts and resourcefulness get her out of it. I didn’t watch Veronica Mars before I wrote the book(s), but I think she (VM) falls in this category too.

Maggie draws comparisons to Buffy, too, but I think those are more superficial. The both fight evil while cracking wise. But Maggie’s bravado is all to cover her terror. 🙂


Why a reporter? Was it a conscious decision or has it always just been part of who Maggie is?

I knew she’d be a reporter before I knew anything else about her. Think Brenda Starr and Lois Lane. She’s always sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong, always wants to get the whole story… even when she knows she’s not going to like it.


Maggie walks a really fine line between belief and disbelief. How do you balance that when writing her?

When I gave Maggie the Sight, I could have given her all the answers. But what fun would that be? It’s too easy. A leap of faith isn’t much of a challenge if you can clearly see the net beneath you. So Maggie questions everything… it’s rooted in her personality, that ‘dogged reporter’ thing. (See! It all plays together!)

Also I feel that her disbelief makes her fictional world (which is rooted in ours) more believable. Because I sure would question all these things if they started happening around me! so that voice in Maggie’s head that says “convince me” is a kind of reader surrogate.


I’ll be honest, I thought you were going to break my heart with Justin in Hell Week. Why did he back off at the beginning? And, for college students, their relationship moves fairly slowly — I’m enjoying watching it a lot. What made you decide to keep things physically light in this book?

Ha! My critique partner threatened me with mayhem if I broke Maggie and Justin up. Here’s the deal: Prom Dates From Hell (book 1) left them about to go on their first real date, then there’s a three month gap to the next book. I needed to reset the clock a bit, so we can all watch theri relationship develop. As for Justin’s motivation… Well, he has his own questions he’s asking, and we don’t know everything about him just yet.  (Just a teaser: we find out a lot more in book three.)

As for pace, I wanted to leave myself someplace to go. If Maggie and Justin reach complete physical and emotional intimacy too early, we don’t get a chance to enjoy the journey. The road to love is fun to read about, so why rush it?

And geez, he does get her shirt off. What more do you want?

No, wait. Don’t answer that.


And really, is there any better place to jump into our chat time than there *wink*

Book Club Tomorrow Night! Rosemary Clement-Moore

20 Apr

Don’t forget Rosemary Clement-Moore will be joining us tomorrow night at 9pm EST for live chat! It should be amazingly fun 🙂

Book Club Big Announcement: Rosemary Clement-Moore

15 Apr

I am so darn excited! This was definitely one of those *ask and receive* moments 🙂


I’m sure you’re all aware that next Tuesday evening is Luv YA Book Club and we’re discussing Rosemary Clement-Moore’s Rita Nominated Hell Week. What you didn’t know is that she’ll be joining us for a live blog chat!


Did I mention I can’t wait? You have almost an entire week to find and read this book, so turn off the computer and get to it. I promise you’ll have a fun read and a fun Book Club.


If you’re curious what it all looks like, check out our last one with Tina Ferraro HERE. We had a ball…I’ll never forget it b/c I was so sick I wasn’t even allowed to drive on the meds I was taking and making absolutely no sense in chat *sigh* Good impression bria. Real good.


Join us Tuesday April 21st at 9PM EST to discuss Hell Week by Rosemary Clement-Moore.

Luv YA Book Club Reminder

14 Apr

Don’t forget! One week from tonight is Luv YA Book Club discusses Rosemary Clement-Moore’s Rita Nominated Hell Week


Join us Tuesday April 21st at 9PM EST to discuss it.

Luv YA Book Club: Hell Week by Rosemary Clement-Moore

12 Apr

Just over one week till Luv YA Book Club discusses Rosemary Clement-Moore’s Rita Nominated Hell Week


Join us Tuesday April 21st at 9PM EST to discuss it.


ETA: Yes, everyone who has mentioned it…It WOULD be great to have Ms. Clement-Moore here with us. It WAS amazing getting to have Tina Ferraro…but, unfortunately, I don’t e-know Rosemary Clement-Moore. If anyone does and coming to Book Club would be up her alley, invite her and let us know 🙂