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Goaling Toward Success – Day 2

12 Jan

Welcome or Welcome Back!

Have you made your Dream Big list? If you did and didn’t share it, let me challenge you to go back and put it out there J

Moving on.

One of the reasons we start with the Dream Big exercise is because we’ve all been taught to dream so small. To dream about “what you can accomplish” or to “prioritize” or however it is you’ve been wording the way you limit your dreaming.  Don’t lose your Dream Big; we’ll be coming back to it.

How often have you seen a child who hasn’t been taught to limit himself exceed everyone’s expectations? That’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to start exceeding in 2011.

So, we’ve looked forward, now we’re going to look back.

Today we’re going to list everything you can think of that you did in 2010. Separate them into lists: Home, Work, Writing. Maybe for some of you they’ll be a few more lists. Maybe school or volunteering?

This list isn’t going to be easy. You did a lot more than you think you did. Look at your calendar, your to do lists (if you keep them), emails. Don’t forget, you may have ended up with ONE synopsis, but how many did you write?

Start that now.

Then, come back 😉

Okay, I’m assuming you followed the directions and you have at least the start of your 2010 Accomplishments listed. Now we’re going to do the other list.

What things happened in 2010 that slowed you down or stopped you or distracted you from getting more done? Put all those things on a list. If it helps, use the same categories as above. So, for writing, you may say “my agent/editor/CP told me the book was where it should be and added a few more revisions that took 3 weeks” Some others: I got sick … My kid/husband/parent got sick… My laptop died.

Anything that slowed/stopped/distracted you. 

We’ll talk about both lists on Friday!

Also, someone asked if we could have a hashtag on twitter. How does #goaling sound?

Calendar Day!

1 Jan

January 1st is always Calendar Day for me. I’ll admit it, I’m addicted to planners. I love them. I said to someone yesterday, I want to have a store that’s all just planners. And nobody throw Franklin Covey at me…I mean all different types and sizes and styles and uses and prices and and and….So, I went looking for what this years calendar would be. I looked at a ton and then found it!Moleskin Planner

A friend turned me on to the small Moleskin notebooks that come 3 in a pack. They fit in my wristlet! No excuse for not having paper on me ever again. And then I found out they came unlined! Heaven I tell you. So, when it was time to look into the 2009 Planner, I headed over to the Moleskin website and found this dandy.  The left hand side has the week and the right hand side is a blank page for notes. Everything I want all in one.  At the top of the Calendar side is even a blank section where I can write my goals for the week and keep them top of mind. 


So, I headed to B&N who sell Moleskin. Nothing. How about Borders? Nope. Cross? Nada. Blue Tulip. Not a one. The Paper Store. Not this paper….and so it went until I headed into the Papyrus and hip-hip-hurray! There it was.


I grabbed the last small, soft-covered one and stuffed in my wristlet (where it fits nicely) — See, one more sign 2009 is going to love me!


How do you start your year?