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Monday Morning Dare

21 Sep

This weeks MMDare: Take a day to organize your writing work space….online and off.


Well, this one, 1/2 of it actually, is pretty darn easy since I’m on the road and my only offline space is the laptop on my lap.


The online has been a bit trickier. I’ve organized my blogs and sites I read to daily folders. Every morning I get up and just run through that folder. Easy. Clean. Saves time surfing and getting distracted. Then I created “Archive”, “Research”, “Inspiration” and book specific folders. My favorites are nice and clean.


Now the hard drive folders are getting the same treatment with the hard questions: Do I need this? Is this duplicated somewhere else? Do I have an updated version? Is this in the correct folder? Is it on the correct drive even?


Tomorrow is org’ing day – I’m really looking forward to have a nice clean hard drive. Like I took 401 to it 🙂


How are all the other ACer’s organizing going?