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Summer Reads: The Writer’s Books and On Writing, Stephen King

28 Aug

I was planning on doing a day on books for writers as one of my Summer Reads, but then my dear friend Kaige did a wonderful job revamping her Writer’s Resources page — she’s my go to girl for the HONEST opinion of how helpful a craft book is (or isn’t) — Not only does she give description and Amazon links, but she also links back to her writer’s journey blog posts referencing the books — did I mention she’s Honest lol


Hey, I’m not above borrowing here, I mean – why re-create the wheel when I can give a shout out!


So, if you’re a young writer – go check them out — hey, if you’re any kind of writer, go check them out.


Personally, for those just starting that want to see the world through a writer’s eyes, I’d recommend On Writing, by Stephen King. I didn’t think I’d be a believer (as much as I adore the man’s writing) when I tried to read the book four time — I guess I didn’t expect the memoir aspect of it in the beginning, I just wanted to somehow download the genius that is the Man.  Then, one day I was going to have to run “an errand” and the drive was three hours each way.  So I dashed to the local library and got On Writing in CD format.  Hearing him tell his story, his understanding of his life and how it shaped his writing. And then – his writing.


If you’re new to writing, this book is a must read. Before the craft books, before the industry books — read On Writing


Oh yeah, then go read the craft books.