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BosYAM – huh?

4 Mar

Hey there Boston YA Writers!

With all the YAish movies coming out this spring, it just made sense to get an organized meet-up for them going… or it did when I said it on twitter only 1/2 meaning it and a bunch of people said YES!

Here’s the deal.

It took a lot of calling around, but I’ve narrowed it down to the theater at Freshwater Pond. Why? I wanted something that had public transportation but wasn’t crazy on the driving/parking for the people come in. I also wanted to keep the ticket price below $10… didn’t know what a challenge THAT would be. Yes, I realize I may be driving Special Agent MacLeod home, but you always do what the Clan Laird tells you to do.

So, the first BosYAM will be there.

The first movie will be I AM NUMBER FOUR, next Tuesday (March 8th)  at the 7:00 showing. Afterward, everyone is welcome to travel down the street to the Alewife train station to one of the restaurant (I just need to figure out who will put up with us *grin*) to discuss the movie.

PLEASE RSVP – If you do, and can’t come, that’s okay. If you don’t and show up, that’s okay too. I just need a general headcount of who might be joining us for drinks and chat after.

POLL: Best Book-To-Movie Book

21 Oct

As you saw if you read last night’s blog, I went to see Nick and Norah yesterday and reviewed it HERE. Which got me thinking which movie might be the Best YA Friendly Book-to-Movie Book.


I think we know who all the colin firth people will be voting for today? But are there enough other fans out there to even out the poll?


Nick & Norah’s Infinite Movie

20 Oct

OK, I LOVED this book. I thought it was clever and insightful and yes, crude in some places. The guys who were gay – were Gay. The guys who were straight were Straight. There were amazing lines and funny events and it was about the adventure of two people finding one another in one of those fabulous “One Night In…” stories.


And then I went to the movie wondering how it would get that PG-13 movie. Let me just say it now: HERE BE SPOILERS.


Shall we discuss?


OK, no one kisses who isn’t opposite gender. Now, I’m a nice Christian girl blah blah blah — but I’m also a writer. If you’re going to do a book that takes place around the members of a gay underground garage high school punk/emo/whatever they’re calling it this decade band – then the guys who are gay should be, well, um gay. I’m definitely NOT looking for stereotypes here – thanks for avoiding those, but COME ON. Be true to the characters in the book. Dev, the male slut of the book – smiles a lot at the guy he picks up. Isn’t that nice?

A good 1/5 of the movie is in Caroline’s POV — Um, yeah. Where’d THAT come from and why would anyone want to hang out with her anyway — was that their “We’re going to show drinking is really bad so we can justify making a movie where teens are in bars” point?

Oh, the scene in the bathroom with Norah and Tris when Norah’s feeling less than confident – never happens.

The elevator and ice room and hotel adventure – never happens.

The ‘what the heck are we doing’ moment in the closet – never happens.

The learning to let go and dance thing – never happens.

The quote about the Beatles – 1/2 happens and thus is ruined.

I could go on, but I won’t.


Basically, if you liked the characters and would like to see a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT Night In The Life …. go see the movie. The quest for Where’s Fluffy is cute, but pulls the whole idea of what the book was really about away.


If you want to see the book on film. Read the book again and picture things in your head as you go.


If you think I’m wrong – let me know. Or go vote for Nick & Norah on my POLL.