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Monday Morning Dare

21 Sep

This weeks MMDare: Take a day to organize your writing work space….online and off.


Well, this one, 1/2 of it actually, is pretty darn easy since I’m on the road and my only offline space is the laptop on my lap.


The online has been a bit trickier. I’ve organized my blogs and sites I read to daily folders. Every morning I get up and just run through that folder. Easy. Clean. Saves time surfing and getting distracted. Then I created “Archive”, “Research”, “Inspiration” and book specific folders. My favorites are nice and clean.


Now the hard drive folders are getting the same treatment with the hard questions: Do I need this? Is this duplicated somewhere else? Do I have an updated version? Is this in the correct folder? Is it on the correct drive even?


Tomorrow is org’ing day – I’m really looking forward to have a nice clean hard drive. Like I took 401 to it 🙂


How are all the other ACer’s organizing going?

Monday Morning Dare

11 Sep

I’m part of a secret group. You don’t know about it…that’s why it’s a secret. But I’m telling you about it now… ACers.


Okay, I guess you may know about it. If you follow any of us, you might see the Twitter #ACGoals. The hashtag is for encouragement, updates and butt kicking. We focus on writing, goal setting and time management. These are all near and dear to my heart. As the person who started ACers, I’m proud of our mission: To write daily while maintaining a work-life balance.


But there’s a new surprise for them…and I’m pretty darn excited about it.


Starting Monday, we’re going to have Monday Morning Dares — #MMDares — So, there it is. I DARE you to join us.

If you’re a writer and want to play along, we’d love to have you. Join us on Twitter (I’m @briaquinlan). Plus, I’ll be blogging about the dares each Monday. Check it out and dive in.