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Mind Nap – Wake Up & Rollover

10 Nov

What happened to the Mind Nap? I’m getting a lot of that. I’ll tell you. My mind started dreaming while I was telling it to sleep a peaceful slumber….. Yeah. No such thing.


I’m excited to come out of this very brief Mind Nap with the idea that sent me racing into Nano (or, at least racing to catch up since I started more than a day late) with Secret Girlfriend.


Yeah. I hear you. If YOU have a better title, let me know. No. Seriously. Let me know.


So, the run down is as such:

1 boys soccer team
2 love triangles
3 rival girls
2 rival boys
1 deceased mother
1 absentee father
1 best friend away at sleep-away camp in a dead zone

 Off to Nano!

Mind Nap

27 Oct

As someone who is constantly telling herself little stories in her head, I’m wondering today how to know when to take a writing break.


I once heard a very popular -not to mention prolific- writer say something along the lines of “When I’m writing that’s all I do, but for a couple months between books, I do everything else.” She went on to clarify that everything else was not plotting and editing. Those are part of her writing schedule. She meant being a wife, mom, person….doing all the things that writing takes to much time do do. Takes up a new hobby or restarts an old one.


So, during Fast Draft, you may remember me saying that it just wasn’t going as well as it typically did and one of the reasons I came up with was that I hadn’t been far enough into the story to be running at break-neck Fast Draft speed. I think another reason is I was only able to take a couple days off before I started from all writing activity.


And so now, with NaNo right around the corner, people keep asking if I’m Nano’ing and what I’m working on. Is book 2 almost done (my personal favorite)? Are you still working on more than one thing? And a ton of other questions. And I find myself getting odd stares (or cyber-stares) when I say I’m not working on anything, I don’t think I’ll NaNo (I never have before) and I’m just kind of ‘feeling out’ some stories.


Taking a break doesn’t seem to be the norm in the writing world…But then I remember my Vows To Myself from when I was a Purple Heart. I remember saying I would treat writing like a job….INCLUDING scheduled breaks to avoid burnout. So here I am….scheduled breaking….and I’m unsure when I’ll start writing again. I think I need to play a little with the stories in my head and see where they go. Relearn to listen to my characters.


And so I ask you — breaks, do you take them? How do you take them, scheduled? What do you do while you aren’t Writing? How long are your breaks? I’d love to know!