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Fine – You All Win

7 Nov

I suppose if I Twittered this would be the tweetythingamabob or whatever, but fine. You all win.


Bria shall twitter.


Why you ask: http://search.twitter.com/search?q=bria


Oh, an I especially love this one: http://twitter.com/gwenhayes/statuses/986805995


My first online review.


6 Nov

OK, I got offline for two hours to take a NaNo break and run some errands and what do I return to?


A GET BRIA ON TWITTER Campaign.  Why? I have no idea. I can’t be the only person not on Twitter and I highly doubt I’m interesting enough or funny enough to warrant it.


So to Twitter or Not To Twitter – that is the literarilly ripped off question.

 Oh, and I need a reason WHY or WHY NOT I should be Twittering beyond “TubTwitter Rocks”