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Summer Reads: ANNE OF GREEN GABLES by LM Montgomery

8 Jul

I found out about midway through high school that, as usual, I was doing yet another thing backwards.  I had been reading books my parents couldn’t understand where I was getting (the English professor next door and the librarian down the street) let alone discuss because they’d never heard of most of the authors. But then, some time around 17 or 18, I found some young adult writers and fell in love again. But it wasn’t until college that the YA bug really bit me, but it got a taste on long bus rides to track meets.


That was when I met Anne and instantly fell in love with her. (To this day, one of the best complements a guy ever gave me is that he liked me because I reminded him of his boyhood crush: Anne of Green Gables! I’ll take that!) – Her spunk, her intelligence, her loyalty and imagination – she personified everything I wanted to be as a girl and often could not because of the difficulties at home.


She’d overcome painful memories and tragedies to live in optimistic zeal. She embraced life with a zeal she never grew out of. She loved with her whole being. She chased learning with a veracity that impressed. She new when she was wrong and humbled herself with a sincere apology.


But most of all, she was well and truly her whole self her whole life. Not many people (fictional or otherwise) can make that claim. I hope to always remember the lessons I learned from Anne.


Ms. Montgomery — thank you for teaching me that a character can be interesting when her flaws and strengths aren’t necessarily different.  Looking at yesterday’s blog about Elizabeth Bennett and today’s about Anne Shirley, I can see that – while Anne would call them Kindred Spirits – as a writer, their differences are what make them both characters who are unique and worth studying.