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Job Description: Small Press Publisher – Kaolin Fire

3 Mar

As any small business owner, you will be expected to wear as many hats as you can take, and likely a few more than that. A few of these hats are described below, but new hats may appear at any time–in fact, one of your hats is finding new hats and trying them on for size.

Above all, this position is for those that can keep their eye on the prize, against all odds, while keeping up with–and not trivializing–absurd amounts of minutia. The prize? To have an award-winning publication out there gaining its contributors (authors, artists, poets) their just desserts. Paying for itself? Dare to dream, but don’t presume.

While you will be working in a small team, members may disappear at any point for weeks on end–or for good–so you should be both widely experienced and flexible in your duties. Some of what you might be expected to manage follows:

* Reading (slushing, proof-reading, forums)

* Writing (blogging, reviews, copy-editing, writing and submitting to be published elsewhere for the links back)

* Rithmatic (budgeting, accounting, tax preparation)

* Networking (social, business, outreach)

* Advertising (SEO, SEM, ad design, copywriting, buying, selling, contests, audio/video editing, game development)

* Software Development (developing and maintaining a website/hosting/email, alternate digital platforms, software to support any or all of the other business practices)

* Publishing (orders, distribution, partnerships, contracts, printing, layout, shipping)

Must have a sense of humor, an external support network, and an alternate source of income. Must take criticism well, and give it better. Must be able to work long hours with little encouragement. Must be a very fast and determined learner. Must be tenacious. Must be a good communicator. Must fill in the blanks.

Check him out:  GUD Magazine http://www.gudmagazine.com/   or his website http://www.erif.org/