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I Am Woman Hear Me…Um, What Exactly Is It I Do?

5 May

A couple weeks ago, based on a writing forum discussion, I posted a Buff V Bella blog post HERE. It’s still getting tons of hits and some votes, but what’s interesting is the strong reactions.


The divide blew me away. People saying they WOULD want to be Buffy or Bella. I’m not sure anyone even talked about the girls in between – the more everyday heroine. Step outside a paranormal and there are a ton of witty, strong, powerful female leads.


I realize not everyone can be Elizabeth Bennet (so yeah, she’s out of the running), but which female character have you most identified with in your life. Has it changed as you’ve “grown-up”? Has it effected how you view yourself?


Why? Because I’m really curious what makes people identify with a character. Is it a good thing to relate that much? Does that make the character “better” than others? Do you identify with their flaws as well? How clearly do you see the connection? OK, now go ask a friend if you’re right?

In our book club years ago, a woman said she was shocked how much a character was like her. She just couldn’t wait to get to book club because she knew everyone would be talking about it. This character was NOTHING like her. It was so far from her that we all thought she was joking at first. But to her, the author had written her kindred spirit in this character.


So, no Elizabeth Bennet (which was rated the number one character women relate to) – but who is your soul-mate character?

Buffy V Bella

12 Apr

Be honest, who would you rather be? Buffy or Bella…I’m sure everyone will have a grand old time justifying their answers in comments section. Play nice 🙂

Girls and Goals

1 Nov

I thought looking to you amazing Twilight readers would be a great first step for this online discussion because I’ve found that you (as a group) seem to be well read in general and well versed in the Twilight world.


So, here is my question: What is Bella’s goal?


I mean overall goal. What is it she wants most in the world. Not the things that change and shift throughout the story, but the goal of Bella the girl. When she first arrives on the scene, and comes to live with her father, we see her most clearly in some ways because its then that we see her as a single entity. Pre-BellaAndEdward. So, as a person, alone, what is it Bella wants?


My second question is: What goals are you SICK SICK SICK of seeing in books. I know the lighter RomCom books that take place in high school settings sometimes rehash goals….but hey, in high school our world is locked down by the environment, so it isn’t a surprise that we all want similar things. Are you tired of bad boy must get out of town and seeks scholarship OR plain jane wants to be homecoming queen?


OR, what about YOUR goals? What do you want? What does being a high schooler in the USA today make you crave?


Not a high schooler? Well, think back – what did you think you’d die if you didn’t get or get to do? What about in books – what characters drive and goals really has spoken to you?

Tell me. This writer not only is listening, but is dying to know!