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Finding a Swarm of Words: #Aug1k1hr

8 Aug

What would you do with 24,000 more words this month? Would you finish a project? Would you be deep enough into the next one to not give up? Would you refine something you’ve wanted to send out?

No writing is wasted. Let me repeat that: NO WRITING IS *EVER* WASTED.

Everything you write moves you forward, solidifies your story and makes you a better writer.

This month I started a challenge on twitter, #Aug1k1hr. Because, what could you do with 1000 words a day?

Here’s how it works. Every night at 9pm EST you’ll see the #Aug1k1hr start shouted. Put your nose to the grindstone. Turn off that social media (yup, I’ll be doing that tomorrow), ignore the phone, tell everyone your busy… but just for 1 hour —> And Write!

It doesn’t have to be good or clean or even make sense to anyone else. It just has to be words on the page getting you closer to done.

Do the hardest thing a writer can do: Give yourself permission to write anything and to write it poorly. If you can get 1,000 words on the page every day… 1,000 steps towards The End… then you’ve won. 

1,000 bad words are far better than 10 good ones when writing a novel. Words are kind of like ants. They’re small, they come slowly, but once you have one… you have two. Two turns into four…and if you let them keep coming you’ll soon have a swarm of words shaping your world on the page.

So, if you’re not on twitter, it’s easy to join and there are a ton of great writer communities there. Why not start with #Aug1k1hr? Don’t be shy. Sound off at roll call and share your count at the end.

So, tell me. Are you in?