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POLL: Best Book-To-Movie Book

21 Oct

As you saw if you read last night’s blog, I went to see Nick and Norah yesterday and reviewed it HERE. Which got me thinking which movie might be the Best YA Friendly Book-to-Movie Book.


I think we know who all the colin firth people will be voting for today? But are there enough other fans out there to even out the poll?


Summer Reads: BLOOD AND CHOCOLATE by Annette Curtis Klause

2 Jul

The first time I read this book, it blew me away. I was sucked in by the author’s use of sensuality (and I don’t mean that necessarily in a sexual way, although there are tones of that as well) — Imagine you are a wolf. Do it for just a second. Or if you can’t, then go with a dog. Watch them and how they watch things, how the sniff, how they recognize and deal with one another.


Now layer that over being human.  That is essentially the task Annette Curtis Klause took on and overcame in her book Blood and Chocolate. While other authors hint and dance around and try to overcome the duality of being two things – Ms. Klause (IMHO) hits it on the head.


Not only that, but she goes on to tell a tale so universal in its soul that everyone can identify with it on some level.


Vivian is 16 (yes, darn it. I said 16. DO NOT RENT THE MOVIE unless it’s to mute it and watch Hugh Dancy. . .) and a typical high school girl — Ok, not at all. Vivian is 16 and the only female coming of age in her pack. The boys all show off for her and even the older Gabriel seems to glance her way. But now, after a fire the boys had a hand in, her father is dead, her mother has become a flirt and her whole world has been uprooted and moved to a new town.


Enter sensitive-poet-boy, I mean Aiden. Aiden is the antithesis of the boys she knows – softer, kinder, focused on words and thoughts and feelings instead of the intense physicality that carries the boys she knows with their instincts.


Oh, there is popularity and other girls and other couples and outings and school to deal with. But, in the long run, it’s the same things that attract Vivian to Aiden that eventually pushes them further apart.


The ending is great and she ends up with one of the seven guys I had FELT was right for her. I like the draws of her fighting against what seems like destiny in the end. Of having very clear ideas of what she SHOULD want. I won’t give anything else away, but no other guy could have pulled her out of her emotional state at the end of the book than the one who ended up being the hero.


And she does this all while carrying amazing sub-plots and secondary characters through out the book without causing them to be a distraction


Another book to be studied. Buy it. Mark it up. See if you can layer half as well and hope for the best!


If you want to know who to cross into another world, to create and layer and be honest,