Getting a Job to Quit It

30 Jul

Since FWIS is on summer hiatus, I decided to write something focused on the business of writing.

If you follow the blog at all (even looked at it twice in the last few years) you may have realized I’m focused (obsessed) with goals and balance. It’s true. I am.

The difficult part of this is that my RL job seldom allows for any static focus time in my life.

I’ve been a contract consultant for years. I fell into it by accident but with the economy’s shift I went from “I love this, it’s great” to “This is killing me financially” to “Ok, I’m working steadily again, but I want out.”

Why do I want out?

Well, beyond the security and benefits I have a different concern – Emotionally, it’s a bigger concern.

Think about the last time you started a new job. Think about the upheaval and the new sleep pattern and the stress of figuring out your commute and worrying about setting things up and getting them going. Think about that first month where work leaks into home life.

Now do that 3 to 6 times a year.

Now try to maintain your writing schedule while you do it.

So, while everyone else there is hoping to quit their job to become a writer, my first step is to get a job and become a writer.

I have no problem with that. Sometimes, you have to see the steps between here and the dream. The steps that are going to make the dream easier to reach… and maintain.

So here I am, struggling to readjust to another new job and having four writing projects I’m trying to wrap up and send out. I struggle not to beat myself up when I don’t/can’t hit the goal for that day.  Step back, refocus, remember the balance and get moving again.

Yes, I get that all jobs have flux, that finding a job where I only have to “start” once doesn’t mean I’ve got the Employment Magic Bullet. Here’s the thing though, everyone needs to look at their own patterns and find the bottleneck. For me, this is it. I need to find the job that will allow me to quit it.

And so, as I do that, I push through another “first month” and pull every trick I know out of my hat to get the writing done in the mean time.

But, it also helps to remember we all have our bottlenecks. Do you know what yours is? Share it — and your trick for getting around it! Maybe someone can steal your brilliance.


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