REVIEW: A Week to Be Wicked, Tessa Dare

13 Mar

I was lucky enough to have a magic ARC of Tessa Dare’s A Week to be Wicked appear in my email box. BAM! Magic.

Let me start by saying, Tessa Dare is one of my go-to authors. In a time when I’d started to overdose on historicals and was feeling the burnout of repetition, I picked up Tessa’s first book… and never looked back.

WICKED continues her run of strong stories that suck you in on page one and keep you laughing with (and sometimes at) the characters.

Strong hints that aren’t quite spoilers below.

WICKED is the story of two people who are completely different and utterly the same.

Geologist Minerva Highwood loves rocks. Men, not so much. It’s more that she doesn’t like one specific man – the rake who has been sniffing around her stunningly beautiful sister.

Lord Payne – Colin – is, well he’s a mess. A really adorable, loveable, hot, sweet mess. You can’t help but love him even as he continues to mess up. He’s also one of the best Damaged Heroes I’ve read in quite awhile.

But, Minerva has had enough. She’s going to stop Lord Payne from proposing to her sister, even if it means facing him down in his room at midnight. And to make sure he won’t, she has a deal for him: Help her get to Edinburgh to present her geological findings with a fake elopement and she’ll give him 500 Pounds from her earnings.

Unfortunately for Colin, he says the wrong thing…of course. Who would believe plain, over-looked, bookish Minerva would catch his eye. But Colin shows her just how he’d convince them – every look, every word, every thought. Minerva, just that moment, falls under his spell. But when the spell is broken, it leaves them even further apart than when she’d stormed in.

The beautiful thing about Colin is he truly does manage to see the beauty in Min. Even in the beginning when he’s playing a part he’s being as seduced by his own words as she is. It left me thinking, when? When did Colin’s lies become the truth?

And once Colin falls, he’s done for even if he doesn’t realize it. But there it is. The lies have become truth and the problem is, does he understand that? Maybe.

The bigger problem: Does she?

After falling in love with Colin and Min, I’ve created a new category for all those year-end awards lists: Best Marriage Proposal in a Historical. Let’s put it this way: A Week to be Wicked would be competing against itself in the character – One to make you laugh and one to make you cry.

Which pretty much sums up Min and Colin’s entire love affair.

A WEEK TO BE WICKED is out March 27th 2012. Final say: Pre-Order it now.

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