Writerly T-Shirt Design Contest!

30 Jan

CAN YOU OUT-DESIGN US? Enter the Writer’s Yardsale Design Contest with your best book, writer, or nerdy girl/guy t-shirt design and find out!


 We’re constantly getting requests to put certain designs or slogans on t-shirts, mugs, and more, so we know there are some amazing ideas out there. Do you have the best one? Let’s find out with a contest!


Here’s how it works.


WHERE: The Writer’s Yardsale


WHEN: You have until MONDAY, FEBRUARY 7th  to send your design to writersyardsale@aol.com 


HOW TO ENTER: You send us a .png file of your design. 


WHAT HAPPENS THEN: We put your design on a t-shirt in the CONTEST ROOM of the Yardsale for everyone to see… and vote on!


HOW TO WIN: On Wednesday, February 9TH , voting starts and continues thru Wednesday, February 16th. Pimp your t-shirt for votes! The winner get’s a FREE t-shirt, journal, or mug (your choice!), showcasing their design. 



  • Designs must be no hotter than PG13 & nothing copyrighted
  • Anything NOT COPYRIGHTED is fair game: Pimp your book. Pimp your favorite book. Inspirational sayings. Uninspiring sayings. Pretty pictures. Be clever. Be droll. Be so boring you’re funny. Whatever design you think is going to win… or at least earn a good chuckle.
  • The .png file must be at least 1000 pixels wide and no wider than 2500 pixels.
  • While you can after 30 days sell your design anywhere you like, The Yardsale will be allowed to keep the design up for future sales as well.


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