Goaling Toward Success – Day 2

12 Jan

Welcome or Welcome Back!

Have you made your Dream Big list? If you did and didn’t share it, let me challenge you to go back and put it out there J

Moving on.

One of the reasons we start with the Dream Big exercise is because we’ve all been taught to dream so small. To dream about “what you can accomplish” or to “prioritize” or however it is you’ve been wording the way you limit your dreaming.  Don’t lose your Dream Big; we’ll be coming back to it.

How often have you seen a child who hasn’t been taught to limit himself exceed everyone’s expectations? That’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to start exceeding in 2011.

So, we’ve looked forward, now we’re going to look back.

Today we’re going to list everything you can think of that you did in 2010. Separate them into lists: Home, Work, Writing. Maybe for some of you they’ll be a few more lists. Maybe school or volunteering?

This list isn’t going to be easy. You did a lot more than you think you did. Look at your calendar, your to do lists (if you keep them), emails. Don’t forget, you may have ended up with ONE synopsis, but how many did you write?

Start that now.

Then, come back 😉

Okay, I’m assuming you followed the directions and you have at least the start of your 2010 Accomplishments listed. Now we’re going to do the other list.

What things happened in 2010 that slowed you down or stopped you or distracted you from getting more done? Put all those things on a list. If it helps, use the same categories as above. So, for writing, you may say “my agent/editor/CP told me the book was where it should be and added a few more revisions that took 3 weeks” Some others: I got sick … My kid/husband/parent got sick… My laptop died.

Anything that slowed/stopped/distracted you. 

We’ll talk about both lists on Friday!

Also, someone asked if we could have a hashtag on twitter. How does #goaling sound?

9 Responses to “Goaling Toward Success – Day 2”

  1. sharla January 12, 2011 at 1:02 pm #

    #goaling sounds good. I’ve got my lists done. Assuming you don’t want it all here? Or do you?

  2. briaq January 12, 2011 at 1:04 pm #

    Go for it, post it. The more you put something out there, the more real it is – celebrate those successes especially!

  3. Sabrina January 12, 2011 at 1:41 pm #

    I need some time to compile those lists – love the #goaling hashtag. Be back soon to post.

  4. Sabrina January 14, 2011 at 10:24 am #

    Ok – Here’s my first try at this. Some of my sort-of accomplishments for 2010:

    – Bought & Moved into a New Home on my credit & Paycheck only (hubby was in transition between jobs so we left him off)
    – Have lost 10 of the 20 pds. I needed to lose (come on 2011!)
    – Finalize my Parents Estate and successfully sold their house for a profit in a down market

    – Was Promoted to Sr. Manager
    – Launched numerous new programs that resulted in YOY double & triple gains
    – Took over part of a postion when someone was let go, in order to learn how to do the job – ended in my campaigns outperforming any of the previous one and now I have a new skill/knowledge base to add to my resume
    – Boss handed over the reigns of Online Marketing to me completely – no more need for him to oversee or approve

    Alter-Ego Blogging:
    – Blogged more this year than in past year
    – Won numerous blog awards (some just fun, some more impactful)
    – Was asked to join an ad co-op
    – Presented at 2 Blogger Conventions
    – Made some essential contacts that have developed into possible future business deals

    – Attended my 1st ever RWA Conference
    – Tried out 2 local RWA chapters and decided which I would want to join
    – Created my own writer’s blog
    – Beta -Read for my writing buddy and helped her re-work her book, helped with pitch and SHE SOLD! So Proud and proud of myself that I am capable of making someone’s work better – now just to do it for myself 🙂
    – Added 20K words to my WIP
    – Created 1 inside & 1 outside writing space that is mine alone – very inspiring spaces that I take as a personal victory

    Ok – that’s what I can think of for now. 🙂

  5. Sabrina January 14, 2011 at 11:22 am #

    Ok – those barriers – oh there were many 🙂

    A main time suck and barrier this year was that my father’s long-lost son (my step-brother) who’d had practically nothing to do with my father tried to steal my parents estate and almost succeeded. The whole ordeal involved court and lots of drama. He did managed to “legally” steal the entire contents of my parents home before I could finish clearing it out. Luckily I had already removed all the sentimental stuff.

    That was a big barrier in every category this last year and I’m so glad it’s over.

    My netbooks decided to act up for about 3 months so that hurt my writing during lunctime – then I got out of the habit and when it was fixed never made it back to writing during lunch everyday.

    As much as I love blogging (as my alter-ego) I *almost* wish I had never started. It takes up time that I totally should be writing and I don’t even get paid for it. But I do love it.

    Losing the weight I gained is a BIG personal goal for me. It might sound superficial, but obesity is what took my parents from me at such an early age so it’s a very personal thing for me. It’s also a massive time sucker.

    Another barrier is of course the hubby – he wants his time too. I feel bad if he finally has a day off and I was all ready to write.

    The biggest barrier is myself though. Even when I have time to write I LOVE to use research and organization to put off writing. It’s like I can’t quit “learning” long enough to do the actual writing. I totally know it’s an excuse but keep falling into the trap.

  6. sharla January 14, 2011 at 1:34 pm #

    – Attended ACTS retreat and got more involved in church
    – Joined a Faith Sharing group
    – Got involved in cockatiel breeding w/my hubby
    – Beat kidney cancer!

    – Finished current wip Seeing Alex while off work on medical leave.
    – Wrote 5 different synopses, 3 different pitches, & 12 different queries.
    – Queried 7 agents
    – Attended first writers conference: DFWCon in Dallas, and pitched an agent there.
    – Joined critique group
    – Joined RWA-WF chapter online
    – Read SO much more…which to me goes under the writing category
    – Joined the Twitter community and figured out how to do it
    – Won the November Secret Agent contest on Miss Snarks First Victim.

    – Can’t get motivated to lose weight…get so frustrated when everyone else loses quickly and it takes me six mths to show any success.
    – Feel like I have to be everyone…mom, wife, maid, decorator, taxi…makes it difficult to do anything for myself.

    – Having cancer put me off for a bit, other things took priority, but it turned around.
    – Family life makes it impossible to get on a writing schedule. Well, probably not impossible, but darn near head-banging!
    – Insecurity
    – Hubby doesn’t understand the writing time. He says he does, but that’s just when he’s busy himself. When he’s free, he expects me to be. He doesn’t say that, and probably doesn’t even realize it, but that’s what I see.

  7. briaq January 15, 2011 at 12:05 am #

    Great list Sabrina! I’m going to start with your accomplishments.

    I LOVE that you put “bought and moved into a new house” as an accomplishment! This is so the 1/2 full view of it. So many people would list this as a barrier “oh, it took so much time and energy and focus….” Which is true, absolutely true, but you made this an accomplishment, go you!

    That’s a huge list – You got a ton done (including be blessed to meet me *snort* just kidding – it was a joy to get to meet you in person!)

    Moving up to your next post 😉

  8. briaq January 15, 2011 at 12:11 am #

    Wow Sabrina – You’d spoken a little about the “mess” around the loss of your parents, but wow. I had no idea someone had tried to take advantage of your loss like that. I’m mad FOR you!

    Just the emotional drain on that is huge, let a lone the time suck (my family also just went thru a “family” member trying to steal – it’s devestating to get thru things like that.)

    That’s a big barriers list. There’s on-going and one time stuff on there, as well as one thing that you could consider revamping (the blogging – you are your boss, what do you want from it – maybe it needs less time, but maybe it needs more also)

    That’s a great overview of your year – I’m sure you had even more little barriers and even more successes you’ve just forgotten about over the last 12 months, so this is an impressive showing!

  9. briaq January 15, 2011 at 12:15 am #

    Beat Kidney Cancer – GO YOU!!!! And, just like Sabrina’s “buy and move into a new home” accomplishment, the steps to beating cancer were hard, time consuming and emotional – It deserves to be in both lists just like you did, but wow, what a wonderful accomplishment 😉 And, isn’t it a huge one!

    Congrats on all your accomplishments

    LOL on the “!” after “Barriers”

    “Insecurity” – so true – all of us sometimes fall prey to that. It’s hard to overcome some of the less tangible things. A lot of things that will still be there in 2011 on your barriers list. I can see your going to have to decide where the boundaries around your barriers are. That’s something only you can figure out!

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