NaNo 2010 – Day 1 and I’m already in trouble

1 Nov

Great subtitle I tacked on there, huh?

It’s day one — 7pm — and you’d think I’d at least know which book I was going to be writing for NaNoWriMo. But, not surprising due to the title, I have nooooooooo idea.

Which is kind of exciting, right?

Okay, that was the denial talking.

Anyway, let’s vote on what I should write:

Secret Series book 3 – This series revolves around serious topics that are handled with humor and have a “light” feel even though the things in there are tough. I remember tough stuff…heck, I even have some tough stuff now… and I know for a fact that humor got me through. I don’t believe books need to be *DARK* or *LIGHT* because that’s not life. That said, this one is for Ben and deals with childhood abuse. Anyone who has read the other books (Secret Girlfriend and Secret Life) knows that anywhere Ben goes, love, acceptance and flirtation follow.

DIBBS – About a cheerleader who has had it with the games on the team and goes rogue.

Everywhere, In Between – About that time just after graduation when all the rules are thrown out and people outside your normal sphere are suddenly circling your life.

So, which is it?

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