SYTYCW – Week 9 Results

21 Oct

I can’t believe we’re almost to the end of SYTYCW! It’s very exciting. This is our last week losing two entries, next week — we just lose one…and I think we all know it’s going to be close.

Entry # / Votes

1  —  69
3  —  43
5  —  25
6  —  23
4  —  19
2  —  13

Just like last week, the race stayed close until the last few hours — Although, we did have about 25 less votes than last time. So, let’s take a last moment to say good buy to entires number 2 and 4. Thanks ladies!


Lady Phoebe Howard had been in and out of trouble all her life; but kidnapping was new ground, even for her. She grunted as her knees hit cold wet earth. Cursing the ancient tree roots that conspired against her escape, she scrambled to her feet. The unfamiliar terrain of the Scottish Highlands played tricks on her senses, as the threat of being caught again by the brutes who kidnapped her terrified her.

Fear drove her to plow into the herd of cows she found lazily munching grass, but half way through the maze of beef she was grateful for the instinctive decision. She spotted the hulking shape of a man highlighted in the moonlight, and he seemed to be looking for someone. She eased toward the edge of the herd intending to slip away when he turned his back, but a cow jabbed her in the derriere with a horn just as the brute turned around.

She squealed as she shot out of the herd and right into the chest of the Scottish savage.

His arm came down around her like an iron band stealing her breath.


Lucy shoved the door to the laundry room open with her fanny, struggling to keep hold of the basket, detergent, and the baggie of quarters clenched in her teeth.

“Hello there, need some help?” A cute bearded stranger jumped off the vinyl couch and hurried to the door, scooping up a sock and two black lacy thongs that fell out of her basket.

“Wow, not awkward at all,” she nodded in thanks and tried to nonchalantly jam them into the mound of clothes as he propped himself up onto a washer.

“I’m apartment 26 B, Andy.”

“What happened to Susan, is she okay?” Lucy asked as she shoved fistfuls of laundry into the machine under his watchful eye.

“She’s fine, I’m just crashing with her for a little bit.”

Susan didn’t strike her as the cougar-ish sort, but this guy was at least twenty years Susan’s junior, not that she was judging.

“I’m Susan’s son.”

Make sure to come back next week to vote for the top 4! We’ll be narrowing it down to the top 3 and then our guest judge –> Editor Tina Burns!

One Response to “SYTYCW – Week 9 Results”

  1. Dara Young October 22, 2010 at 2:26 pm #

    Bummer! But congrats to everyone that moves on. I have my favorites I’ll be voting for. 😀

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