Week 4 Results!

16 Sep

Every week gets harder!

Before we move make the announcements, let’s see who won this weeks drawing for a FREE book (yeah, free is always capitalized in my head): Congrats, JENN! Shoot me an email and I’ll let you know which books you have to pick from – remember, you don’t have to have an entry to comment for the drawing.

Let’s take a look at the top 5!


I never saw the truck coming. It’s the story of my life, I get blindsided by something that’s obvious to everyone else. My memory is a bit hazy, not that I want a vivid recollection of being flattened by a garbage truck. Seriously, a garbage truck, I didn’t even get dignity in death.


When the phone call came from a man identifying himself as an attorney in Ohio, Rowena’s first thought was, who’s in jail this time? She’d had her fill of phone calls from attorneys. The past six months had been a non-stop parade of rescheduled court dates and press conferences, each one splattered across the front page of every rag mag in the country. She didn’t need any bad press about her family compounding the media circus.


The night after the biggest promotion of my life, I woke up with a monster hangover and my bra on backwards. I tried to recall how I’d reached the back seat of my Honda Accord, but everything from the previous night blurred into memories my mind refused to hold.

I leaned forward and found my dirt-covered cellphone on the floor. Oh God, I’d likely done fifty freaky things my friends would joke about for the next six months.


The thick cloud of confusion occupying my thoughts lifted and was instantly replaced by paralyzing fear. My body stiffened as my mind raced uncontrollably with realization; this harsh, sterile environment was unfamiliar. I tried desperately to speak, to scream out, to connect to something concrete. The barren, cold walls began closing in around me, suffocating my senses.


Miss Marcia Elizabeth Drummond snatched the ivory invitation from the salver and perused the elegant handwriting. Dashing away a tear that clung stubbornly to her lashes, she wished six years of accumulated shame could be brushed away as easily. Her hand trembled as she crossed the room and flung the horrid thing into the fireplace.

Then, with her arms wrapped tight about her, she encouraged the grasping flames while reflecting on how the Avery’s annual masquerade never failed to transform her into a watering pot.


CONGRATULATIONS! Those are some great openings.

And now, unfortunately, to the elimination round. As you may recall, we’re eliminating 2 a week for the next few rounds. This week there was no tie. I can honestly say, we’re starting to see some of my favorites drop each week! Arg! And so, the two not moving on are:


“So, the aliens gave you a list of people they want.” Larry King sat back in his chair and regarded the White House Press Secretary. “Did they say why?”

In the video, the camera zoomed in for a tight shot of the Press Secretary’s face.


 Somewhere between dessert and my second glass of chardonnay, I realized my date was a male prostitute. I sipped my wine and tried not to choke on the realization that my so called best friend had set me up. I would deal with Lanie later, but for now dumping Gigolo Boy was my main priority.

“What did you say you do for a living, Ken?”

3 Responses to “Week 4 Results!”

  1. Laura K Curtis September 16, 2010 at 1:39 pm #

    Oh, no! We lost one of my faves this week, too. Was SO looking forward to watching it develop.

  2. katcantrell September 16, 2010 at 3:34 pm #

    We lost one of my favorites too – mine! Oh well, now I can vote for other people’s entries…

  3. Leigh Royals September 16, 2010 at 10:54 pm #

    Lost one of mine too. Shucks.

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