SYTYCW – Week 2 Results

2 Sep

You’ve waited patiently while I tallied the votes and harrassed this week’s Super Secret Tie Breaking Judge and here are your results!

First, the winner of the drawing (I’ll be doing this every week till I run out of books) is: @mamajalapa — email me your email address and I’ll send you your book!

Now, on to the good stuff. Next week we’ll be down to 21 entries – this is really flying by, huh? So, the top five are (in numeric order):


 The thick cloud of confusion occupying my thoughts lifted and was instantly replaced by paralyzing fear.  My body stiffened as my mind raced uncontrollably with realization; this harsh, sterile, environment was unfamiliar.


There are two rooms my mom and I don’t rent folks at our motel: No. 3 has all kinds of problems with the plumbing and the wiring never works right, but the main problem is No. 13… it eats people.

No blood, guts, or gore… if they go in they just won’t come out and that means we’d have to hide another car.


I never saw the truck coming. It’s the story of my life, I get blindsided by something that’s obvious to everyone else.


When the phone call came from a man identifying himself as an attorney in Ohio, Rowena’s first thought was, who’s in jail this time? She’d had her fill of phone calls from attorneys.


Miss Marcia Elizabeth Drummond snatched the ivory invitation from the salver and perused the elegant handwriting. Dashing away a tear that clung stubbornly to her lashes, she wished six years of accumulated shame could be brushed away as easily.


This week, we had a four way tie of the bottom 2 & 3 –


“So, the aliens gave you a list of people they want.” Larry King sat back in his chair and regarded the White House Press Secretary.


Freezing rain lashed the angel’s face and dripped rivulets down his bare chest and back, soaking his wool breeches. He shoved long locks of hair out of his eyes.


Stretched on the beach while the sun dried his plated skin, Troy waited to suffocate. Beside him, the she-dragon Cressida lay unmoving with her snout covered in gritty sand and her tail curled, entwined around her new favorite.


If this alien doesn’t die soon, I’m gonna be late for cheerleading practice. Somehow I don’t think Coach Harbinger will take Sorry, I had to save the world from an alien invasion as a legit excuse.


Damian O’Brien’s rumpled trench coat showed evidence of oregano pesto. It didn’t take a homicide detective to see he’d had Italian for lunch before the four nineteen had ended his meal.

The two MOVING ON TO THE NEXT ROUND (don’t miss the deadline!!!) are: 2 & 16

DON’T FORGET!!!! Next lines are due in by 10pm EST **MONDAY** Also, if you missed it this week, you can still enter the drawing next week for a NYTBS book in e-format. Don’t worry! You don’t need an ereader, you can put it right on your computer.

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