SYTYCW – Week 2 Round-Up

2 Sep

As those of you who know me know, I’m laid back until I’m not. Sad that this contest only took 2 weeks to reach that point. And so, to kick off the results round-up, I have a couple things to say.

First, I’m hearing stuff coming in from people sharing about grumbling they’re hearing on chats, forums, and twitter (so far no blogs, that would just make me go grumblegrumblygrumble) about the fact that you can campaign for votes. Seriously people, you’re just plain irking me. And here’s why: Some of the biggest writing contests online are run this way — NO ONE is forcing people who find the page thru you to vote for you. I have several examples of people telling me they didn’t vote for that person…even someone’s husband! So yeah, if your line is great, you’re going to win over voter who came through someone else’s link — is your line that great? If it’s not, is it that person’s fault? Also, if you want more than just you voting for you, we need to advertise. If you don’t want to win a “popularity contest” don’t tell people what your number is. Simple as that. Period. Up to you.

But, let me ask you — how badly do you want to win that editor crit?

Which brings me to my next point: Who do you think is going to sell your books for you? I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a tougher sell than a “will you vote for me” post is. Unfortunately, selling yourself is part of being a writer. The saddest part for me, is there doesn’t seem to be a corresponding positivity going on around the contest – I’m not seeing congrats, or people discussing lines they LIKED – only reasons why they hate the contest….but are making sure they make it to the next round.

And so, with that said, I will save Tina several hours of work and shut this puppy down if the negativity becomes offensive – yes, I realize “offensive” is subjective.

That said, here are the numbers:

We had 22 entries due to one person dropping out and one person disappearing. With that, we totalled 235 votes – 29 votes more than the first round! Nice – can’t wait to see if people keep voting!

So, of those 22 lines:

  • The shortest entry was 22 words
  • The longest entry was 72 words
  • The average entry was 41 words
  • 2 had dialogue
  • 5 included the character’s name
  • 13 were 1st person
  • 9 were 3rd person

The top 5:

  • The shortest entry was 22 words
  • The longest entry was 63 words 
  • The average entry was 37.8 words
  • 2 included the name
  • 3 were 1st person
  • 2 were 3rd person

The bottom 5:

  • The shortest entry was 25 words
  • The longest entry was 39 words
  • The average entry was 32 words
  • 1 included the name
  • 1 included dialogue
  • 2 were 1st person
  • 3 were 3rd person

The votes were split like this (# of votes / # of entries)

  • 1 vote   / 1 entry
  • 2 votes / 4 entries
  • 4 votes / 2 entries
  • 5 votes / 2 entries
  • 6 votes / 1 entry
  • 7 votes / 1 entry
  • 8 votes /1 entry
  • 9 votes / 2 entries
  • 11 votes /1 entry
  • 12 votes /2 entries
  • 13 votes /2 entries
  • 16 votes / 1 entry
  • 36 votes / 1 entry
  • 56 votes / 1 entry

6 Responses to “SYTYCW – Week 2 Round-Up”

  1. Jamal W. Hankins September 2, 2010 at 12:37 pm #

    Hey, sorry to hear about all “bad blood” surrounding the contest. I don’t know what the problem is. It was a good experience for me, and I got dropped in the first round, lol. I’m still following it though and voting. I hope it doesn’t get shut down. I think Bria is doing a great job.

  2. Cory Jackson September 2, 2010 at 12:47 pm #

    I can’t believe people are complaining. The contest is great, Bria! Don’t let the whiners get you down!

  3. katcantrell September 2, 2010 at 12:50 pm #

    I think this contest is great practice for once I’m published. I just wish I knew how to replicate what the top five are doing. I certainly don’t begrudge them the fact that they figured it out and I haven’t. I think all of the top five are great entries and thanks for the reminder that I should let them know that.

  4. Laura K Curtis September 2, 2010 at 1:13 pm #

    Oh, puh-leez. I thought this was supposed to be FUN! I was having fun. The only complaint I had was only being able to vote for ONE person because there are so many that are good. Do I expect to get to the crit phase? Nope. Am I advertising? I mentioned it on my blog, does that count? My entry is, no doubt the silliest entry (hey, you don’t have a category for that! LOL! 4 entries are silly, 2 entries are serious….).

    Anyway, I think it’s an amazingly fun contest, and I’ll be terribly sorry if you discontinue it.

  5. CarolRose September 2, 2010 at 1:38 pm #

    People will complain about anything. It’s human nature. That being said, I’m reading tons of positivity on one writing forum where I hang out, as well as on my Facebook page and from my blog posts about this contest, if that makes you feel any better. 🙂

  6. December September 2, 2010 at 3:16 pm #

    I agree, with laura above, I just wish I could vote for more then one!

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