SYTYCW – Week 1 Results

26 Aug

Everyone talked about how tough voting was this week – and it’s only going to get tougher. Who knows? Your favorite first line might be ruined by the second….or a line you over looked might really pop with a strong second line.

So, before we get to eliminations, let’s look at the top 5 in numeric order:


 Lady Phoebe Howard had been in and out of trouble all her life; but kidnapping was new ground, even for her.


 Somewhere between dessert and my second glass of chardonnay, I realized my date was a male prostitute.


 The thick cloud of confusion occupying my thoughts lifted and was instantly replaced by paralyzing fear.


 Lucy shoved the door to the laundry room open with her fanny, struggling to keep hold of the basket, detergent, and the baggie of quarters clenched in her teeth.


They say you can’t go home again, but then they’ve never been down to their last hundred bucks when home called demanding their return.



Anyone who wants to know what their rank was, email me at my full name and

And now, the elimination process. We had a four-way tie and had to bring in one of our super-secret judges. The bottom four entries the judge had to choose from (also in numeric order):


 Derjjuwa kneel to no one, not even to their masters.


 Elika pushed through the undergrowth, hoping this clearing would be the one.


 All she wanted right now was a long hot bath, with bubbles.


 “So, the aliens gave you a list of people they want.”


Twenty-two!  You’re moving on to the next round! Congratulations!

Tomorrow I’ll do a round-up for discussion and open a thread for the next round. Next round entries must be in by Monday at 10PM.

Some more Q&As:

1. Yes, you can post your lines as you go on your blog. Someone saw that I did this before – it was a lot of fun! AND I *absolutely* appreciate anyone (contestants and non-contestants) linking in

2. Don’t forget – CHANGING YOUR FIRST LINE…. Will get you disqualified. That and missing the deadline

One Response to “SYTYCW – Week 1 Results”

  1. Tami August 27, 2010 at 8:16 am #

    Oh, wow! My favorite didn’t even make it to the four way tie!

    I won’t say which one it was, so everyone who didn’t win can imagine that it was THEIR first line that I loved more than anyone else’s so they should take that as encouragement to keep writing.

    One of them is right, and the others should still keep writing!

    Amazingly difficult to vote on – so many fantastic first lines! Great job EVERYONE.

    And great job Bria! I am absolutely LOVING the style of this contest!

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