So You Think You Can Write Countdown

23 Aug


The SYTYCW contest opens tomorrow at 7pm EST!

I’m excited about how excited people are – I can tell because they keep doing things like trying to post their lines or emailing them too me 🙂  But, I can totally see why – a THREE CHAPTER crit from the very lovely Tina Burns (@tinaburns) of Liquid Silver Books!

So, to review how to enter:

  1. I will open a post at 7pm EST tomorrow (TUESDAY) that very clearly states you should post your line there
  2. You will post the very first sentence of your story – only ONE sentence and it must be the first
  3. If you’re one of the first 100 entries, you get to play. I’m closing the contest at 100. I will the leave post up till 105 in case some of the entries get disqualified in week 1

For all the rules, check out the SYTYCW post HERE

If you didn’t see it before, here are some words from me 🙂 –> Entering a line by line page is what got my first page so tight. The story I used is what got me my lovely agent. I highhhhhhllly recommend examining your story word by word. It’s a totally different game when you have ONE sentence to win or lose by. There’s no such thing as “well, the next sentence will suck them back in” type of writing in a LxL contest! You will really sharpen your writing playing along even if you don’t get it.

Feel free to ask questions! Also, for updates and to follow along, follow me on twitter at @briaquinlan and the contest at #SYTYCW

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