Writer’s Conference FUNdraiser

16 Apr

Help us get to RWA Nationals! Each slogan comes in T-shirts, Notebooks, Mousepads, Mugs and other fun stuff! For every product bought, $2 goes to the GET THEM TO NATIONALS FUND!

They make great writer’s gifts, giveaways and badges of honor. Gotta represent!

Click on any of the items below to see other great products in the same design.


Great gifts for graduates this Spring, as well as a great reminder!

success quote shirt

And, because we often take our own success and world for granted:

It is. It really is. 😉

metaphor quote magnet

How we all know this to be true:

easy reading is damn hard writing mousepad

This slogan doesn’t need any explaining. 😉

what came first? the writing or the drinking? mousepad

We couldn’t resist… Comes in hot pink too!
i suffer from writer's butt undies

writing is a form of schizophrenia travel mug

Our characters are real! (To us anyway…)

For those moments when your characters stop chattering.

We may talk to ourselves, but it’s all part of the job. Am I right?

For those moments of denial…

For all you editors out there!

Fan of Boss Cowboy? Who isn’t?

Love cupcakes like most writers? Why not tell the world to, “Frost this!”

For those of us who know we need help:

For the book lover on your gift list:

Going to RWA Nationals this year? Check out our gear:

We’re craaaaazzzzzaaaayyyyyyy!

Overcome your own mountain.

Are you an eavesdropping author? Take notes in our tongue-in-cheek journal:

Hey, look! Our logo! Ain’t it cute?

Love young adult lit? Tell the world with our Luv YA mugs, notebooks, etc!

That age old question…

But what would you DO for Chocolate?

Have you created your own genre? Do you declare yourself as grouped with the Greek Classics and Hemingway? NO?

You know you want some writerly bumper stickers!

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