Boss Cowboy Contest

7 Apr

I know, I know… for some sick, sad reason you all love Boss Cowboy (not in on the BC Phenomena? Got to twitter and search “BOSS COWBOY” – yeah, that’s my life). If you’ve been playing along on twitter, you know that @mgbuehrlen and I have started Romance Yardsale as a way to raise money to get us to a writers conference. After making a few fun sayings and t-shirts, I thought: WOW, I so need a Boss Cowboy Mug.

You need one for your desk at work, dontcha? Well, now you can win one!

The best PG-13 500 word Short Story featuring BOSS COWBOY will be getting their very own mug!  Entries open… NOW!

And close Sunday, the 11th.

Okay, go!

One Response to “Boss Cowboy Contest”

  1. Raye August 18, 2010 at 8:09 pm #

    oh man, i wish i’d seen this before 😀

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