Juggling the Writer’s Job Description

1 Feb

      It’s amazing how changing the game a little, changes it a lot.

     This past fall, I contracted with The Agent (curious? on the sidebar is my little series on the whole agent process start to finish) and I didn’t realize just how much would change. . . Just how much *I* would have to change.

     This weekend it really hit home.

     The Agent is getting notes read of my revised pages to me soon. Plus I owe here stuff. I just wrote the blurbs for my 7 current ideas for books — This is my first run thru of this process. I assume we’ll discuss what is strongest and most viable to work next. I need to get the next books synopsis written for I’m in the first stage of editing (we won’t discuss the pain and humiliation involved in me trying to synopsis). Also, this is usually the time I fast draft the next book so it can sit over in the corner ferment.

     But now, there’s other plans in the game. Another person…a business plan. So, if I get revision notes for book 1, reader notes for book 2 and start writing book 3 — Um, yeah, I think we all see where this is going.

     Let’s add into the mix that between books is where I try to pound thru all the reader responsibilities I have to my CP and beta readers. They’ve been kind… don’t worry, when you get to it… etc…But January has been so crazy that they really do have to come first right now. There isn’t an option.

     And so, with this next step comes the newest part of the writing game: Time Management Part 2.

     Typically Time Management is a fun game for me, but when you’re still not sure of all the rules, of what’s needed when… But that’s part of moving up in the world.

     I’m thinking of getting The Agent like a certain job I had out of college. My boss had…let’s just call it an early midlife crisis (and when I say crisis I mean complete break in reality) and promoted me up two steps with no job description and no guidance… Am I saying The Agent would do that –NO! But, writing is kind of like that: There’s no job description.

     Oh, we think the job description is: Write Books.

     I’m pretty sure anyone trying to get published has already realized it’s more complicated than that. So stick around as I figure out my own Writing Job Description…and wish me luck on Juggling February!

4 Responses to “Juggling the Writer’s Job Description”

  1. Tami February 1, 2010 at 11:42 am #

    You know, some folks like chocolates and massages for their birthday month. Focusing on job descriptions is atypical!

    I’m about two steps behind you on the climb up the author ladder. Enough blogs have given me glimpses of the published author’s life that I’m deliberately taking my time with those rungs. I’d rather polish my writing now than try to do it with the additional schedule requirements of being a for-really-real author.

    Looking forward to reading more, and glad I followed @jodimeadows to find you! =]

  2. briaq February 1, 2010 at 12:05 pm #

    OH, well…those cost money LOL

    If I had the cash, I’d so be doing a pedi and massage…but getting organized will have to do 😉

    Thanks! I love Jodi Meadows – She’s brilliant and kind…a great combination (but don’t tell her I said so. I’ll deny it.)

  3. Tami February 1, 2010 at 12:47 pm #

    Your secret is safe with me! *winks* I won’t tell a soul.

    Also, I’m tickled pink to find someone else who thinks getting organized is its own pleasure. ❤

  4. briaq February 2, 2010 at 3:16 pm #

    LOL you know me and those secrets I post on my blog!

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