Writing a Workshop

23 Dec

If you follow me here or on twitter, you know I run a group called ACers (Accountability Corner) that started two years ago on a forum and has since moved to its own locked site. The initial mission of the group — which we’ve stuck to, go us! — is to create balance between work and real life while writing every day.


For me, the group took two things I’m passionate about — writing and my coaching as an HR Business Partner — threw them together and took them to the next level. I’ve had people curious about it email me off blog or tweet me several times and realized there’s a need to bring this to a larger forum. That the love of organizing one’s self for balance is something I’d love to be teaching to the writing world and not just upper management at contract consulting gigs.


So, after mentioning to someone that I was working on a proposal to submit in the spring to some fall conferences, she asked if I’d be interested in speaking on it next month. As usual, I jumped. I sent her my outline, she liked it. I sent her my blurb, she liked it.


And then I thought: NEXT MONTH!


I have 20 days to perfect my workshop – But to be honest, I’m more excited than nervous. It isn’t like I haven’t done this talk a bunch of times… The difference? Managers are people who are typically sent to me with the knowledge that they have to get better at this stuff or risk their job. Writers (not all, but a lot of the time) are people who think it may be nice to get better at these things but maybe it isn’t for them – they’re doing just fine by trial and error. Or as one consultant I know puts it: Trial and error…and error…and error…and error… Which is true. We all run like that. But I personally like any opportunity that cuts those “errors” down a bit.


I’d like to challenge writers to think more like career people: If you want to be published, it’s your career. Treat it that way. I’m not saying you have to have your eye on the CEO of the World version of a writing career. But get clear on what you want and then map your way there – You can do it! All it takes is your own brand of focus!

3 Responses to “Writing a Workshop”

  1. beth December 23, 2009 at 4:49 pm #

    I totally agree with you–writing is a career, a business. Maybe that would be a good way to start the workshop… 🙂

  2. December December 23, 2009 at 6:15 pm #

    Good luck with the presentation! I didn’t realize the AC group had its own spot in the interwebs, its fantastic that it’s taken off so well!

  3. briaq December 23, 2009 at 6:34 pm #

    Thanks ladies!

    Absolutely, if you want a “writing career”, you can’t ignore the second word!

    Yup, it’s grown at least in knowledge. I’ve done a couple 1-on-1s and casual groupy chit chats about goals. It just made sense to bring the passion up a notch 🙂

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