2 Oct

I had  an interesting conversation with a friend a while ago that she circled back to recently.


A few years ago this friend turned to me after a long car ride and said, “You know, people love or hate you. The people who love you, love you because you’re so passionate about whatever you get involved in. The people who hate you, hate you because you’re so passionate about whatever you get involved in.”


Honestly, I didn’t have a problem with this. I think you should do everything you’re involved with 111%. There are too many things in this world to experience without spending large chunks of your time involved in things you have no passion for. Now, I’m not talking about obligations you feel you need to do or work. Sometimes it’s hard to work up a passion for everything on the to-do list, but whenever possible, why not.


Recently, she brought up this and added “There’s not an ounce of slacker in you when it comes to writing.”


OK, I tried not to have a problem with this statement either, but finally I had to ask. “Um, what do you mean about the slacker thing?”


We all have a friend who doesn’t realize she should or shouldn’t say something, or that maybe that wasn’t the best way to put it. That would be this friend.

Without thought she answered. “Remember in high school when our Adv Chem teacher told you if you’d just focus you’d be scary? Or the Latin teacher who nagged for 4 years that you weren’t living up to your potential. Well, you’re finally focused and working to your potential. Thank god.” And then she turned back to her ice cream leaving me to ponder her words…Oh, she also stopped a moment to tell me, “This is the bag I like to carry things in.”  She’s an oracle I tell you.


But, it did get me thinking. It’s true I’m 100% or not. I’m focused….or not. I’m driven….or not. And it feels good – really good – to have circled back to the thing that’s always driven me: Storytelling.


Her words also did one other thing for me…one really great thing. They shushed my critics. Everyone who writes probably remembers a time when friends (writers and non-writers) told you to relax. To put it aside. To take a break. To let it go.


It’s hard enough when this comes from your non-writing friends, but I’ve been amazed at writing friends who say it. This is something that I not only WANT, but that I enjoy and feel passionate about. It feeds me, and honestly, isn’t that a good enough reason to feel passionate about something? But, beyond that, I’m not sure how to stop and I’m not looking for a Writers Anonymous anytime soon.

One Response to “Unslackerness”

  1. melsmag October 6, 2009 at 8:45 am #

    I can see it. You’re scary focused at times. Me? Not so much. LOL

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