Where Things Stand

30 Sep

I’m at that weird place….that weird writer place.


The first book of The Secrets is being queried and I’ve already sent out several partials. The second book is ready to start editing after my brain recovers from finishing book 1 last week…..And I’m buying my website template.


I’ll admit it, it makes me nervous. It feels like a huge commitment. Of course, this is from the girl who had a rough time signing her first 2-year cell phone contract.


So, there it is….sitting there waiting for me to hit “Buy Now”. It isn’t that I don’t like it. I love it, it’s really cute. It’s perfect for the books I’m currently writing. The colors are warm. The set up is different enough to not look like every other writer site out there. I’m just concerned about what I can do with it.


Beside me is “Head First HTML with CSS &XHTML” by Brain-Friendly Guide brand books because the sad truth is, this unemployment thing is cramping my style. Now it’s cramping my website style. I fear it won’t work. I fear it won’t look great. I fear that I don’t have the attention span after writing all day to try to create a website. I fear the people I’ll call for help will think I’m an idiot because of that lack of attention span.


But, most of all, I fear that there’s absolutely no reason to create a website.


Isn’t that something we all wonder about? I mean, usually nothing makes that cross my mind. I’ll be the one. I’ll be the one who gets an agent and then an editor and then publication. But, at times like this when it’s a cash investment of money I don’t really have to build my career side of my writing career, I get a little flip in my stomach that slows that “Buy Now” button down.


Faith has to play a part here. I have faith in my books. I have faith in my drive to keep writing those books. And now I have to have faith that this is the time to focus on the career side. And so, I’m off to hit “Buy Now” – wish me luck!

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