Eavesdropping on Freshman Girls

26 Sep

That’s exactly what I’m doing. As in, RIGHT NOW.


Not that this is new for me. Usually I’m right in the middle of those conversations with the girls I mentor, but it’s sometimes interesting to listen to girls you don’t know…and who don’t know you’re listening. And I’m learning so much. Let’s get some perspective. These girls are pretty-jocks. They’re meeting for slushie-mochas at the coffee shop in their school sweats and braids that are working loose from running.


Here’s what I’m hearing. Girl’s are competitive…no big surprise there. These are girls I might have hung out with in high school. The idea that putting on makeup to leave the house was unthinking able. Especially when you’re just going to sweat thru it, but to leave without cute flip flops and your adorable sports-friendly hairclips is equally unthinkable.


Most of their sentences around their game start with “I don’t mean to brag, but….” OR “No offence, but…” Which, oddly enough seems like a step in the right direction. When I was 15, the idea of bragging about your game was rude. I’m excited to hear these girls able to talk about their successes, even if they have disclaimers.


There always seems to be one girl the others rally around not liking…Poor Grace. She didn’t have a chance in this conversation. One girl would say Grace was the only one worth having on the team who was an 8th grader and another would jump in that Grace didn’t even have to try out. Grace has made the mistake of being good, but not good enough. Cool, but not cool enough. Pretty, but she knows it…although sometimes she’s not pretty.


Clothes were a by-word. Something discussed quickly and disregarded.


One thing I didn’t hear mentioned once…was boys. Oh, wait…strike that. But, it was only because the boys came to watch their game and cheered. Um, how much am I loving THAT role-reversal. And then they were off again, the boys a minor footnote in their discussion about their game, homecoming, Halloween, tryouts, and classes.


These are independent women and they can’t even drive yet.


So, they’ve taken off…planning next week’s day off to shop, see a move and maybe play some volleyball – And suddenly, it’s way too quiet in here.

One Response to “Eavesdropping on Freshman Girls”

  1. Celise September 28, 2009 at 5:03 pm #

    I hope you were taking notes, Bria, because that sounds like a whole scene right there.

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