Keeping Goals Going

17 Aug

So, this trip around the country hasn’t been productive in a lot of ways like I thought it would. The two big ones are the W’s: Writing and Weight.


The weight one is fast and easy. I thought I’d push that last five pounds I had off…but it just hasn’t happened. I’ve been in the desert where it’s to hot to run or walk, I’ve visited people who make huge good meals with dessert and not had the willpower to say no, and now I’m somewhere we keep going out for big meals…and once again, I’m lacking the willpower. Stepped on a scale last night and thought oh-dear-lord. So, that’s the motivation one W changing.


Let’s talk about the other W — Writing.


The writing is not getting done. I’m constantly with people or around people and haven’t had the ability to concentrate in those environments. I’m not one of those writers where if I’m in a groove and you sit down and start talking to me I can just jump back into it. I wish I were – I envy them.


So here it is, I’m going to have to learn to be a little rude and a little selfish to keep my goals at the front of my mind AND have them getting done.


How does that happen?


Well, for one, I’ve made them more visual. I can’t miss them now. When you turn on my computer, my wallpaper is now this weeks goals. They’re right there reminding me…dare I say mocking me? If I forget about them it’s because I’ve gone blind.

I’ve also created a list of things that have to get done that aren’t on the list, things that pop up. I do this at home, why am I not doing it on the road? No idea.

And everything has dates next to it. The date it’s supposed to be done for goals and the date it needs to be done overall. This helps me keep the “why” in my mind too.

Another thing I’ve done is focus on the long term goals for ACers — which at this point are only 4.5 months left for. FOUR AND A HALF MONTHS! That’s nothing? How much as gotten crossed off? Not enough…not nearly enough.


I hate failing. Thinking of it like that, of a potential failure, has rushed everything back to the front of my mind and gotten me moving again. I may not compete against others, but I certainly compete against myself a lot. So now I”m going to focus on those W’s no matter where I am in my trip and get them done!

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