Writing On The Road

20 Jul

As you know if you’re following my Diva Driving blog, I’m on the road for a couple months. Yup, sold almost everything, shoved the rest in the truck of my car and headed S-W-N-W-W-S-S-N-N-W-S. Right now I’m Tucson. First day here.


I had this expectation that being on the road would allow me to write write write. It would be great for the creative juices and I’d be so prolific I’d have the entire Secret Series ready to had over to someone at the end of the year…or at least all of them roughed out.


Um…yeah. No.


This past week I’ve been staying in a hostel in Flagstaff (it rocks. go there. stay in the hostel. watch artists. go for hikes. don’t write.) It was the first place on the trip I wasn’t staying with friends and I actually met people. A bunch of them. Enough that someone was always doing something and inviting me along. Or doing nothing and inviting me along. Or me inviting someone else along.


So, I’ve looked at my schedule and when I had *expected* things to be finished and realized I’m further off that schedule than if I were still at home working in the little shop. Not. Good.


I’ve learned that even on the road (maybe especially on the road) I have to plan time to write. But there’s more to it than at home, because not only do I have to plan the time, but I have to find a place where I can write (everyone can and can’t write in different types of places) and where I’ll be allowed to write. The dorm room in the hostel — not a good place. No one hangs out in their rooms, but if they think YOU’RE hanging out there, they want to hang out in there with you.


Tomorrow my critique partner flies in and we’re sneaking off to a cabin to write write write for 10 days. I’m ready to fast draft the next Secret book and get the first book out to beta readers for catches. It should be a great time and I’m really hoping it jump starts my focus on carving time out.


Who would have thought NOT working made finding writing time harder. No more! From here on in, I’ll be watching for all those times and places I can get it done.

4 Responses to “Writing On The Road”

  1. Ella Drake July 20, 2009 at 1:53 pm #

    Hope you get tons done over your 10 day write-a-thon. I didn’t get anything done on the road, either. I’m soooo behind.

  2. briaq July 20, 2009 at 2:11 pm #

    Thanks, but I dont’ have a hubby and 3 boys to “distract” me — so you’re still ok 🙂

  3. Celise July 21, 2009 at 7:27 pm #

    Hey Bria! Welcome to Arizona! Are you melting from the heat, yet? Maybe I missed something, but can you touch on the Secret Series more? Have you mentioned it before?

  4. briaq July 22, 2009 at 12:17 pm #

    It is HOT in AZ, huh? It’s like the Hot 2 weeks in Mass, but longer lol.

    Um, the Secret Series.

    Current Series Tagline (needs work):
    Finding First Love In Life’s Wreckage.

    Each book is about a girl overcoming something big while falling in love for the first time. Each one stands alone, but it revolves around the original group. They start a little lighter and get darker or heavier as we go.

    The first book is Secret Girlfriend:
    Still coping with her mother’s death and her father’s all-but-abandonment, Always Invisible Amy is pushed into the limelight when she must choose between the boy she always wanted and the one who saw her when no one else did.

    It made it through all but the last round of Karen Tabke’s Line by Line contes — 14 grueling weeks as the only YA Rom Com lol

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