Knowing When Not To Blog

20 Jun

I’m curious if other people go through spots like this….when the focus has to be on writing or real life or both.


If you’re following me, you know I’m leaving to drive around the country. I’ll be camping and couch surfing, hanging with other writers and spending time solo. I’ll be doing highways and back roads, scenic stops, historic spots and tourist traps…. want to come along, check the trip out:


But, what I’ll be really focused on is my writing and my own path. I’m excited to see the country, but I’m also excited to be a little schedule-less (except for those DDots) — I haven’t been blogging because I’ve been on yet another deadline and the Diva Drive deadline, but, not what I’m schedule free, I expect I’ll be letting you all know how my writing life and writing career are going again (oh yeah! I know you’ve all been sitting at home hitting the refresh button over and over anxiously awaiting my updates *snort*)


So, bloggers — what makes you take a blogging break?

One Response to “Knowing When Not To Blog”

  1. Celise June 24, 2009 at 4:56 pm #

    I take a blogging break when I have nothing to say, really. Or I’m just plain busy. Have fun on your road trip and be safe. I don’t want to be hearing about you on the news. LOL.

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