Bettering Bria’s Book…Revisions

19 Apr

Revisions. Requested ones no less.


That’s been my main focus since I’ve been healthy enough to focus on anything again…..and I have to tell you: It was hard starting them and I know the more difficult part is coming toward the end. BUT, how exciting is it? I’ll admit, at first it was hard to see request clearly. I mean, even when it was really exciting. But I found my own Magic View Finder for getting started.


Let’s pretend getting so sick it scares your doctor isn’t on the list and move on.

  • Read the email – several times. Ok, several times more than several times
  • Print it out and highlight everything you immediately agree with and know how you want to handle
  • Think about it a couple days and look at it again, repeat step two
  • Make tons of notes in your handy-dandy
  • Put them both away
  • Work on a project that is so far removed from it, someone else may have been writing it
  • Print R&R work out
  • Re-read R&R email
  • Get to work

When I need to take breaks from the intense world of my YA Fantasy, I write little Rom Com’y stuff. You know, just funny stuff to kind of loosen up and clear my writing pallet. Only, the funniest thing happened. People who saw them, wanted to see more of them. That’s how Secret Girlfriend and Cami’s First Kiss (my Excerpt Monday serial) came to life.


The distance all of that gave me was amazing. Things that were easy to read over before stuck out like a sore thumb. There were actually things that weren’t mentioned that I noticed. I am so excited about the book again, it’s almost daunting.


Ok, take the “almost” out — it IS daunting. It’s daunting to really *honestly* start to see this book’s true potential and fear you can’t make it happen. To see that what you did WAS good, IS good, but it can be better…so much better. To be know the hard part is coming and that, while you’re excited, you’re also a little scared of what it’s going to entail and if you can pull it off.


Which, yes is weird since you pulled it off enough to get thru the first couple steps of this process. But (since it’s Patriots Day Weekend) think about it like The Boston Marathon. You’ve run really far. I mean, REALLY far. But you’ve run this far before, right? Marathons…you’ve even done a few, you know what to expect. You scoped out Heartbreak Hill the Saturday before and saw the slow steady incline that finishes people off so near the end. You get it. You know it in your head. And then you hit that fricking fracking hill and as a friend of mine put it you’re “praying to die so they carry your body away for you or just finish the damn thing and black it out. But when you get to the top -you don’t even realize it until it’s behind you – and you hear people shouting for you b/c of the name painted on your shirt and there’s the next water stand and everything feels loud and quiet at the same time and you realize…you may not have blacked it out, but you’re past it and it’s done and you’re just another runner on the other side.”


Yeah, Revisions.

2 Responses to “Bettering Bria’s Book…Revisions”

  1. anshakotyk April 20, 2009 at 10:30 am #

    First you’re an awesome writer. I sooo totally saw heartbreak hill, and i don’t even know where it is.
    I’m going through revisions too, and I’m seriously hoping I can make it up that hill along with you!

  2. briaq April 20, 2009 at 10:43 am #

    Thanks 🙂

    Oh, and I’ll bet you’ve seen it, probably even driven up it. People always expect it to be his huge monster you can see from like Framingham – nope, it sneaks up on you much more subtly than that….just like these darn revisions!

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