Week of Positivity – Day Four!

12 Mar

As the ‘obvious’ things to be positive about were done earlier in the week, I started putting thought into where else I could change my attitude and came up with, well, changing my attitude.


How you look at life is a large part of how much you enjoy life. And, as writers, looking is one of the things we do. When I first met one of my closest friends years ago, we were driving down Newbury St in Boston. Every few seconds I was like, “Look! Did you see that?” About 1/2 down the street (it was longer than normal being one of the first nice “tourist” days of the year) he pulled over and said, “That’s it. You’re driving so I can look around.” Ten minutes later he told me to pull over. He didn’t see anything. It was easier to let me do the looking.


So, today, I’m doing the looking.


With all the stress lately, I’ve forgotten the Big Picture. The get published picture. The I’m a writer picture. I mean, it’s been there in the back of my head kind of gnattering at the back of my mind. I’ve been sitting down and pounding out editing pages when I can, but life has thrown me some curve balls and that time as been shorter and less focused.


One thing I hated was people who said things like, “Oh, now you can focus on being a struggling artist.” I smothered the, “Yeah, its totally easy to focus on writing and not forget life tragedies or the fact that I can’t pay my rent. Thanks.”


But, today in this Week of Positivity, I thought WHY NOT? Why not just ‘ignore’ the bad stuff. If you can’t change it, and you’re doing everything possible to negate it, why not just embrace the Struggling Artist?


And so, you are here for the Great Mind/Perception Shift of 2009 – I will EMBRACE my poverty and time as a Struggling Artist.


What? You don’t want to embrace poverty? OK, let me talk a little bit about that. My free time has double being unemployed because I can’t afford to go out as much. And what is it I could start doing with that time? Um, writing? And seriously, what else can I do with that time.


Never do I want to look back on my life and say, “You know, if I’d just stopped worry about things I couldn’t change and dug into the next project, I’d be in a better place.”


So, here I am! Struggling Artist. I’m stealing this from my own twitter yesterday:


I AM WRITER, HEAR ME ROAR….or at least meow loudly.


So, grab a perspective and twist that puppy! I’d love to hear about it. 🙂

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