Week of Positivity – Day Three!

11 Mar

I’ve been sick. Really sick. I’m not making ends meet financially. I have a book I love that readers love that agents don’t love.


But, I’ve got friends. Seriously. Make that I have Friends.


My friends totally rock.


Way before the “economy turned” (liars, those of us in certain industries have been laid off for 1 or 2 years knew this was coming) my friends understood and accommodated my financial needs.


Oh, you can’t afford to go out to dinner a couple of nights a week? Even meeting for drinks is too much? Come over, we’ll have tea.

You’re working on your writing? How is that going?

You got a rejection? Bummer. You turned down an agent? Gutsy!


I didn’t realize HOW amazing my friends are until I started listening to the horror stories around me. Friends dropping friends b/c they can afford to go out. Relationships breaking off b/c the non-writer doesn’t understand the writer’s need to scribble.


In two weeks, a few of my friends are flying in to go to a conference here in Boston. I know how darn lucky I am that they’re coming to me. I know that this isn’t a huge conference and if I hadn’t been saying “oh, yeah, come visit me and go to this” it might not have hit their radar. I know that having people cheer me on in Line by Line contest instead of not following it because they didn’t enter or the have stepped out is a blessing. I know having non-writing friends who are vicariously living a “writing life” thru me is not only a blessing, but nearly unheard of.


I have Friends. In this economy, that seems like a long-term investment most people don’t count enough when looking at their portfolios.

2 Responses to “Week of Positivity – Day Three!”

  1. melsmag March 11, 2009 at 10:37 am #

    I agree with all of this. Friends are important. Especially those who are just excited for what you’re going through. For those friends whose life isn’t the most intresting thing ever and only want to talk about it or do what they want; and have time for you (woah not sure this even made sense LOL). Even when times are tough, it is these friends who standby and support and encourage and don’t care if they spend a night in instead of going out that matters.

  2. briaq March 11, 2009 at 12:34 pm #

    That’s so true. And the writing friends I’ve made like the FlanTastics and the ACers are amazingly supportive. I really am blessed!

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