Blogging and Subscribing

19 Jan

This  seems to have been a theme this week, so I figured I should address it…blogs, popularity and subscribing.


Why does it feel like a theme?

  1. A reader emailed me to ask why I didn’t have a subscription button (oh, and YAY! I have readers!)
  2. My critic partner asked why I didn’t have a subscription button – If the other 1/2 of my brain couldn’t find it, well, maybe I should go look for it
  3. I went to look for it and thought — Seriously? That’s where it is on this wordpress theme?
  4. There’s been press on blogs lately about an agent (I have no idea who and if you’re playing along at home you know I try to stay out of the public view giving opinions of this or that — especially if its not first hand and none of my business anyway) —so, “an agent” ‘apparently’ (those quotes and such should cover it *grin*) told “a writer” that they only took on people who had proved their popularity through mega popular blogs – if this is happening (which I’m going to assume it other is, or there was a miscommunication – I honestly don’t believe people run around making this stuff up) then, yeah, my little blog is nothing and I’m in big huge trouble

I have no idea if this is true, but I have a couple things to say.


First off, I’m amazed how many hits I get a month for being an unpublished writer who has only had this blog up half-a-year. I love it – what I love more is when people play along in comments, even when they tell me I’m wrong 🙂 It’s fun, it keeps me focused, it forces me to think about writing  more in able to talk about it. That’s what this blog is to me.


Second, it’s good practice and good practice. For what? A ton! Networking, learning, building readership, etc


Third, I have a technorati button right under my “Top Posts” section on the right – I’d love your votes (or whatever this group is calling them now)


Finally, yes! I’d love to have more people subscribe. I get happy little chills when I see people coming in from subscription feeds!  So, for those who wondered and didn’t email me….If you page all the way down to the bottom…I mean ALL THE WAY DOWN….there’s a place to subscribe there!


For those of you who do read on a regular basis (hi all!) let me know what I can blog about or how I can update the blog to make it more all-of-us-friendly.


Happy Monday!


2 Responses to “Blogging and Subscribing”

  1. randy January 22, 2009 at 3:26 am #

    Haha. I’m a subscriber, it’s true.

  2. briaq January 22, 2009 at 5:24 pm #

    OH fun!

    I’m always curious if people can see I’ve subscribed to their blogs – I see blind subscriptions coming in here, but not who they are.

    Man I’m nosey!

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