12 Jan

WARNING: This is NOT a review – its a Blog Book Club. That means, we’re going to discuss the book – the whole book – yes – even the end – so guess what. There’s going to be spoilers.




NO! Seriously. If you read past here, it’s you’re own darn fault.


OK. Welcome to Luv YA’s first Book Club Book Blog – YAY! 

I know it won’t go smoothly this month like this, but in the future, the LYA BC will run like this – Everyone will read the book *hint hint hint* I’ll post a blog with some thoughts and questions at 9pm EST on the Book Club Night – the Comments section will be a live discussion period – We’ll have special guests some months like….oh…say…the author. How cool will that be?


Anyway, on to BC #1

Deadly Little Secrets by Laurie Stolarz is the first in the Touch Series….and wow.


Three months ago, 16 year old Camelia almost died. The only thing that stopped that from happening was the mysterious (gorgeous) boy who scooped her up from in front of the oncoming car. She’d never seen him before, but between how he made her feel when he touched her and the extreme scar on his arm, she knew she’d know him again when she saw him next.

Only  — She didn’t.

Three months later she’s still looking for him everywhere she goes – but only to thank him. Or at least that’s what she tells herself. And her friends.

Chapter 2 is the first of the chicken scratch anonymous journal entries. We know they aren’t Camelia, but someone who is interested in her. Someone who is watching her.  Someone who doesn’t say who he is.

Camelia goes about life, wondering about the boy, yearning for that odd touch and basically ignoring the dating scene at her school to her boy crazy (make that psychotically obsessed) bff’s unhappiness. That is until Ben Carter (recognize that name Kaige? Coincidence?) shows up. Rumor is, he has a temper and killed his last girlfriend. Pushed her off a cliff. That’s why he transferred and is living with his aunt. And being Camelia’s lab partner.

Ben is hot (we covered that, but apparently we’re supposed to cover that a lot since it’s mentioned so many times) and not the only man in Camelia life – and that’s what makes this book so interesting. There are so many people in the book and they’re all painted well. We have several boys, one man, a bff, parents having issues and some walk-on’s who actually effect the plot.

Camelia struggles to pull Ben out of his self-imposed prison while the journal writer gets more erratic in his delusions. But who is he?

The book is actually a paranormal romantic suspense. So, going much further makes this a practice in spoiler writing.

But lets talk a little – when did you guess who the journal guy was? I’ll admit, I guessed pretty quickly. I’d heard such great things about this book that I knew it could be obvious answer number one. I LOVED that there were enough guys in the book to create a “but what if?” scenario for each of them. I loved comparing each chapter with the more and more crazy journal entries. I loved (as a writer) watching her show everything thru Camelia’s POV till she doesn’t know who to trust, where to turn or even if she can convince her parents to listen to her long enough to let them know she’s being stalked.

Stolarz does a great job of convincing me Camelia can’t go to any of the adults in her life for help — I’m wondering if I just wanted to believe that. What do you think? The PJ situation had me saying “no” for a second, until the line about telling her dad some guy bought her something from a lingerie store – ok, I buy that.

While the writing sucked me in and totally had me hooked at paragraph 2. . . I was a little *eh* about him saving her from a car in the school parking lot and then being forced to be her lab partner while being moody and refusing to look, talk or touch her. Felt a little Twilight’y — but it wasn’t and the story had just begun taking turns there so I was willing to forgive those key scene mirrors — What about you? Did they pull you out and make you think of Edward and Bella or did you get sucked further in and turn the pages faster — or like me, a little bit of both?

I loved that she gave us a believable way for Ben to find her at the end and for him to go away. I loved them together and didn’t want to see him go (book two comes out WHEN?)


The only thing that didn’t grab me was the chemistry between them. I know its there because she tells us….but i didn’t FEEL it. I wasn’t devastatingly heartbroken at the end, and shouldn’t I have been? What do you think? Were you?


So, there are some thoughts to kick us off. I’m super excited to hear and respond to other people’s ideas about Deadly Little Secrets – I can tell you THIS – Laurie Stolarz just jumped onto my auto-buy list!


Next month we’re reading ABC’s of Kissing Boys by Tina Ferraro – I’ll have more news about this later – hopefully fun stuff to report!

4 Responses to “Luv YA Book Club: DEADLY LITTLE SECRETS”

  1. Kaige January 12, 2009 at 11:30 pm #

    It looks like Amazon restocked. I’ll have my copy by Friday. I also told them to send me ABC’s. 🙂

  2. Kaige January 17, 2009 at 1:27 am #

    Ok. Started and finished this today. I usually hate first person present, but the story pulled me in enough that I could ignore it. I was wrong on who it was, but only because I thought that one was too obvious too.

    I have to agree with the car-lab partner thing, but it didn’t stop me from turning the pages even if just to see how it wasn’t the same.

    The red herrings were thick and yes, the way her building paranoia and distrust was well-handled. The choices for the journal writer were numerous, but some were more easily ruled out than others.

    Chemistry: it didn’t come across for me until the scene at the pottery studio. Luckily I didn’t flash on Ghost. LOL I did think the clay was a nice touch. (pun probably intended).

    Anyway, I was rather torn at the end and so not the ending I wanted. DD is now reading it, she liked Kimmie at first, but within a page she was crossed off her likable characters list. She’s convinced she knows who the stalker is, but she’s so wrong. Muhahahaha. It’ll be interesting to see her opinion once she hits the end.

  3. briaq January 17, 2009 at 9:02 am #

    OH, I completely agree with DD – and I don’t feel like she redeems herself – I’m sorry, but deranged stalker trumps dads odd-but-fairly-harmless midlife crisis every time.

    And I DID flash to ghost. After the car and lab-partners when the pottery happened I felt like I was playing “where’d this scene come from”

    BUT, she made each one feel fresh – original – and really, when it comes down to it, every things been done and the key is to pull it off better.

    OH, who does she think???

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