Calendar Day!

1 Jan

January 1st is always Calendar Day for me. I’ll admit it, I’m addicted to planners. I love them. I said to someone yesterday, I want to have a store that’s all just planners. And nobody throw Franklin Covey at me…I mean all different types and sizes and styles and uses and prices and and and….So, I went looking for what this years calendar would be. I looked at a ton and then found it!Moleskin Planner

A friend turned me on to the small Moleskin notebooks that come 3 in a pack. They fit in my wristlet! No excuse for not having paper on me ever again. And then I found out they came unlined! Heaven I tell you. So, when it was time to look into the 2009 Planner, I headed over to the Moleskin website and found this dandy.  The left hand side has the week and the right hand side is a blank page for notes. Everything I want all in one.  At the top of the Calendar side is even a blank section where I can write my goals for the week and keep them top of mind. 


So, I headed to B&N who sell Moleskin. Nothing. How about Borders? Nope. Cross? Nada. Blue Tulip. Not a one. The Paper Store. Not this paper….and so it went until I headed into the Papyrus and hip-hip-hurray! There it was.


I grabbed the last small, soft-covered one and stuffed in my wristlet (where it fits nicely) — See, one more sign 2009 is going to love me!


How do you start your year?


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