Question of the Day – Full V Partials

18 Dec

A friend and I were just discussing something. Neither of us had mentioned it before, but both of us had been wondering about it.


Why, in the day and age of sending partials as attachments, do agents still ask for partials instead of saving a step and asking for the full and reading the partial and continuing only if they wish?


I’m totally taking a guess here. I’m betting it has to do with the expectations of giving some type of feedback if they receive a full v partial and the expectation that they read the full if they receive it. 

Also, let’s stop and ask ourselves, how would our expectations change if we were sending out fulls instead of partials?


But, I have to wonder, as the publishing world goes through this huge upheaval and changes that were once only imagined in dreams and nightmares are forced, I have to wonder if streamlining the agent query process like this will be one of the changes we start to see infiltrate those who already accept partials as attachments. If, while they are being choosier in who the extend the offer of a read to, if they also extend the read to the full to grab the great faster and to sift the not-quite-great enough more ably.


Thoughts? And, what changes do you see coming in the process?

2 Responses to “Question of the Day – Full V Partials”

  1. gwen hayes December 19, 2008 at 12:02 am #

    I just think it’s more of a thowback from days of yore. I can see why having 50 manuscipts on your desk at 50 pages each would be better than 350 pages each. But it in digital world, it doesn’t track.

    Of course, they may not want unsolicited attachments in their inbox either. They may be trying to do some virus control or something.

  2. briaq December 19, 2008 at 12:10 am #

    True — I was thinking you’d query and then they’d request pages… not just get random attachements.

    Things are changing tho, this really might be one of the things we see.

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