Writing Report Card

15 Dec

Stole this from RANDY who stole it from NOVA… Pass it on 🙂


My report card for my own novel follows:

Current page count: About 140

Technically, the amount of pages I could have turned in per the contract: Contract? Not yet *sigh*

The amount of pages I probably still need to write in order to reach the end of the plot:
hopefully another 80 🙂

The amount of pages I should cut with line edits before showing my editor: Knowing me I’ll write an additional 300, cut 200, fill in the 20 and come away with a series that my beta readers demand the future books for but agents aren’t sure what they’d do with

Sense of satisfaction over page count: No. Oh, was that a percentage question? 17% Although I do have a  Scenes To Write list….and a built in deadline….soooooooo…. Yeah.

Sense of confusion over state of plot:
Fair amount. I went to this workshop and tried to do things her way. So, I didn’t write linear. NEVER. AGAIN. lol

Buckets of doubt filling me:
 Dixie cups. I mean, I have no where to go but up. And what I’m writing now is far more “marketable”  Plus, I’m excited to try something non-fantasy

What I most want to be writing:
Moon Marked – otherwise known as book 2 🙂

How I got through a tough spot in my plot: I skipped to whatever I wanted.  See note above about linear writing

Times I have done that with other novels: Never before (please note the intrinsic “never again” also)

Amount of hope I have that skipping ahead to the end will work: Once I figure out where I need to fill in again, pretty good

Times I have printed out my manuscript: Once. I print the Fast Draft so I can scribble and shift and destroy it. And I print the final read thru.

Point at which I am allowed to print out my manuscript: Once I reach the end and have done my mini-sweeps I can do the next print. Gwen darlin’ just proved why I do mini-sweeps. “Glance” anyone?

Desire to see printed manuscript: Not yet oddly enough. Typically my ctrl-P fingers are itching

Chances of making deadline: 50/50 –  Delacorte may not happen this year with this one

Looking forward to: Revising

Self-worth: about as high as my heroines

4 Responses to “Writing Report Card”

  1. talesfromthecrit December 15, 2008 at 10:09 am #

    Funny. I like it. You know me though, I try to avoid anything that might bring me a sense of self awareness. LOL


  2. gwen hayes December 15, 2008 at 12:24 pm #

    yes, non linear is nice to get over blocks, but I think it’s a pain to put together after.

    That said, I have at least one FINISH THIS CHAPTER in my current MS.

  3. Kaige December 15, 2008 at 1:58 pm #

    Very cool idea. Are you going to do one of these quarterly or something? *grin*

  4. Joel Orr December 15, 2008 at 4:24 pm #

    Wallow as much as you need to. Then take a deep breath, and dive back in. It’s coming.

    Joel Orr
    You have a book inside you. I want to help you set it free!

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