Creating A Word Notebook – Doing The Steps

9 Dec

So, one of the things you’re doing right now if you’re following a long is reading Keeper Books.


I pulled two off my shelf this week – but it was hard. Really Really Really Hard. Why? I pulled two books I said I wouldn’t read again. I know it makes no sense to have two books on my keeper shelf I don’t plan on reading again, but they were so GOOD. So. Darn. Good.


So good they nearly destroyed me. If you followed me here from Purple Hearts, you probably already heard me talk about both of them:
The Passions of Emma, by Penelope Williams
Prince of Thieves, by Chuck Hogan


Both these books are great – emotionally true – and deal in some very hard issues. I highly recommend reading both of them. DO NOT read the back cover of The Passions of Emma first — It gives away the BIG  HUGE turning point (and some of the littler ones) leaving you only to wonder about the ending. If you have any interest in writing grittier guys – do not pass up the chance to read Prince of Thieves.


I pulled these books out, not to read the whole thing, but to open to sections and bask in the language, cadence and verb play. I’ve already started marking bits and pieces. 


This weekend I’m getting out the 2007 movie “Invisible.” I recall it having a great Directors Commentary.


How are you doing? What have you pulled – anything you’d suggest? And the important question: Why?

One Response to “Creating A Word Notebook – Doing The Steps”

  1. Celise December 11, 2008 at 12:44 pm #

    Are you talking about that movie where that young guy was beaten and left for dead and he’s walking around–trying to find out who did it–but nobody can hear him?

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