Free Workshop

12 Nov

No matter what you write, Joanna Bourne has a great blog. She’s truly one of my favorite writer’s who blogs. It’s a combination of hardcore, nitty-gritty writing lessons and everyday peeks into a writers life.  She’s probably sick of me linking to her, but check her out HERE.


So Ms. Bourne is doing a workshop with a couple of my other absolute favorite authors. If they had blogs, you’d see them here!


On that note, she’s one of the ladies doing a FREE (favorite word) workshop over at Romance Divas (last month’s fantasy one was awesome. I mean, seriously awesome — as someone who writes Fantasy, it was very encouraging.)

So, you should check out the Fantasy Workshop in the archives and check out the Historical Romance.


I know you’re scratching your head and saying… but I write something else. Not only is it not historical, it isn’t romance!  OK, let’s take a quick look at what you can learn from a historical romance writer:

  • WORLDBUILDING- yeah, they’re in our world, but they have to paint it very clearly for people not overly familiar with that time period. AND (just like most genres) play within a specific set of rules — actually, probably MORE than a lot of genres
  • RESEARCH – Historical readers are tough. I was a BritLit major and I can very easily get ticked off by some mistakes I feel a good researcher wouldn’t have made. All things forbid I see something a BAD researcher would have made.
  • CADENCE – The Queen of Cadence (that would be Ms. Bourne) is there. Seriously, if you’ve been following me since Purple Hearts, you know I feel cadence is as important (sometimes more) as word choice at creating your character, setting them apart from other characters, insinuating cultural differences. She’s a pro.

I’m just scratching the iceberg (I’m in a mixing metaphors mood) so check them out Nov 12-14th.

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