Mind Nap – Wake Up & Rollover

10 Nov

What happened to the Mind Nap? I’m getting a lot of that. I’ll tell you. My mind started dreaming while I was telling it to sleep a peaceful slumber….. Yeah. No such thing.


I’m excited to come out of this very brief Mind Nap with the idea that sent me racing into Nano (or, at least racing to catch up since I started more than a day late) with Secret Girlfriend.


Yeah. I hear you. If YOU have a better title, let me know. No. Seriously. Let me know.


So, the run down is as such:

1 boys soccer team
2 love triangles
3 rival girls
2 rival boys
1 deceased mother
1 absentee father
1 best friend away at sleep-away camp in a dead zone

 Off to Nano!

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