The Phenomena Phenomena

13 Oct

In response to my friend AJ’s blog post HERE that got flooded with people sharing their love of Colin Firth when she discussed the upcoming remake of My Fair Lady, I blogged HERE about what an obvious phenomena CF was. His fans showed up at both blogs in droves and I asked “What makes him your phenom?”


I have a feeling most of them looked at me through their screens like I was nuts 🙂


There were a bunch of very well thought out answers and even an ode posted to my comments section. But I still didn’t feel like I could quantify it. It’s clear he’s well loved and the reasons summed up (but not all) seem to be:

  • He’s physically attractive
  • He’s a great actor
  • He picks great roles
  • He seems to be a great husband and father (please don’t argue on the “seems” bit, I’d say that of any relationship I wasn’t a main player in 😉 )
  • He gives back in ways I had never known about

Some people added to it with things that aren’t tangible using words like “magnetize” – “appeal is body mind and soul” – “something that defies logic” – “relatable” – and a host of other words. BUT THOSE ARE THE ONES THAT INTRIGE ME! The ones you can’t measure, the ones you just feel in your gut. The ones that bring you back to an actor, a performance, a book, or a song over and over again.


Way before Breaking Dawn, I went to a Stephanie Meyer free book signing and hung out with almost 10,000 teenagers. Nothing tied these kids together other than a strong emotional attachment to the books and the character and even Ms. Meyer herself. They felt like they knew her. The talked about her as if they’d had dinner with “Stephanie” last night and the characters joined them because they were so real to everyone. I almost started a brawl when I voted for Edward and the Jacob fans were not happy lol — Having read these books (and blogged about the addictive experience) I understood the feeling of being emotional tied to them specifically, but now, looking back, I can’t remember why. Unlike the roles I’ve seen CF in, these characters didn’t stay with me a year later.


So, permanency isn’t a requirement 🙂


My thoughts are everyone has someone who is their Phenom, whether it be an actor, writer, humanitarian, athlete, scientist, etc. And, from reading the comments, the one thing I have gathered is that we’re able to feel some how connected to that person. I looked at a lot of fan sites this weekend (and back at some things I’ve written about writer’s I admire, so I’m grouping myself in here to) and what I’m find is that — to some extent — people feel they “know” this person. The connection is that real. And why shouldn’t people feel that way when every part of your life if you live in the limelight is up for scrutiny (even if scrutiny equals lack of it like CF manages to do in a very impressive manner.)


So, who is your Phenom and what is the above and beyond that makes them so?


Thank you to all the CF fans who shared. I got some amazing insight to an actor I already respected greatly 🙂

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