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1 Oct

The most important thing about writing is WRITING.


I know this sounds obvious, but the Authonomy post got several of us talking — How many forums is too many? Which forums are time suckers versus helpful?


If you’re playing along at home, you saw yesterday’s post about Authonomy. Well, I’ve put a couple books on my bookshelf and have started reading bits and pieces. The downside is you can’t download them. The upside is you can’t download them — Writer happy. Reader, not.

Also, the much-referred-to-here site Romance Divas — Not all of us write Romance, but it’s an amazingly supportive site. Just like anything, I have to manage the time I spend goofing there, but I’ve met people who have helped me tremendously and friends I intend on keeping (Yeah, you know who you are. Don’t bother changing your email address or phone number)

A friend from my writing chapter suggested I join Verla Kay’s writing forum a few days ago. So far I’ve been nosing around and am pretty happy with what I see.


But now I’m wondering – Is that enough? I mean, between that and the blogs that feel like forums, there are to many ways to waste time online. That is one of the upsides of currently not having the Internet at home – I’m sure you can come up with the 1,378,422 reasons it stinks, but hey – there IS and upside.


So, I’m asking – self-regulated or complete avoidance? How do you balance forums/blogs/reading and other forms of procrastination that CAN be good for you?


What’s your best writing site? Someone, ANYONE please say “bria’s Luv YA blog.”

4 Responses to “Writing Forums”

  1. Celise October 2, 2008 at 12:27 pm #

    I’ve never visited a site where you post your material and get critiques. I’m superstitious like that. No one can see my work until it’s done, which is why a critique group would never work for me. I would rather post my work on my OWN blog than another site. When it’s done, of course.

    The writing sites I read on a regular basis are in my blogroll (and yours is one of them): Author MBA, Writing on the Wall, Shrinking Violets, Book Marketing Buzz.

  2. briaq October 2, 2008 at 12:47 pm #

    Wow! Thanks!

    I just checked out Shrinking Violets – I’d never seen those ladies before, but I’ll definitely be back to check them out again — I love that they put it out there:

    Introversion is not a social disease 🙂

  3. Unhinged (Andi) October 2, 2008 at 8:10 pm #

    My favorite WRITING SITE would have to be Romance Divas–that’s where I found the most support in the quickest amount of time.

    I also belong to a site called CRITIQUE CIRCLE, but learned it’s more fantasy-oriented. But it’s also a great site with lots of support.

    Now…if you’re asking which of my favorite writer’s BLOGS are, I’d have to say that LUV YA is definitely one of mine because of the varied, interesting content you share here. Also…because you love TWILIGHT. I’m just biased that way.

    As for Authonomy? I hope you let us know how it works out for you as you move through it…

  4. briaq October 3, 2008 at 9:44 am #

    Aw… More love. I totally needed the love this week.

    Critique Circle – great reminder. I signed up for that a long time ago and remember think I’d go back when my writing got to a higher level – now might be good 😉

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